Whether to celebrate the new year of life of a loved one, or yours, the birthday breakfast has everything to become an annual tradition. Who wouldn’t want to wake up in the morning with a meal specially prepared for you? Learn how to prepare it with the tips and inspirations we’ve selected and start the celebrations early!

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Tips for a birthday breakfast

The anniversary day deserves a special dedication, doesn’t it? So, check out the decorating tips and food ideas for your birthday breakfast menu to start your day off right!

1. What to serve: savory


Starting the day by eating well is essential, so pay special attention to the menu. Savory dishes are ideal to leave the birthday boy well fed and prepared for a day of great partying. Good options abound:

  • Cheese bread: nothing more Brazilian than breakfast with a cheese roll, isn’t it?
  • Cold pie: made with cold filling bread, this pie is a guaranteed success.
  • Oven Sandwich: similar to the previous idea, the oven sandwich is nothing more than a baked pie made with loaf of bread. A delight!
  • Grilled ham and cheese: yet another classic breakfast, no one can resist a freshly made hot mix.
  • Omelet: great option for those who are taking a break from carbohydrates or prefer a lighter breakfast.
  • Stuffed Croissant: this buttered and delicious pure bread, when stuffed, then, it’s just joy.
  • Tapioca: another option for those who prefer a fit breakfast, tapioca is simple to prepare, feeds and can accompany various preparations.
  • Scrambled eggs: from American breakfast, to the healthiest options, scrambled eggs are a great alternative for those who want to be well fed even without carbohydrates
  • Baked snacks: sfihas, stuffed breads, ham and cheese rolls… there are so many delicious options that it’s even hard to choose.
  • French bread and cold cuts of your choice: there is nothing more versatile than French bread, which has just come out of the oven, and cold cuts,

2. What to serve: sweets

atelier tati neves

After eating a snack, you can’t help but feel like a sweetie, right? Here’s what you can do to make your birthday breakfast sweeter:

  • Fruit salad: refreshing, light and sweet, the fruit salad is perfect to start the day well.
  • Simple cake: made at home, or bought ready-made, a simple and very fluffy cake always goes well for breakfast.
  • Mini birthday cake: want to start the day with a special touch? A mini birthday cake is a great option to eat without overdoing it.
  • Pancakes: warm pancakes covered with honey, chocolate, hazelnut cream, or whatever you prefer, will surely make the birthday person start the day with a smile on their face.
  • Roulade: with the most varied fillings, the swiss roll is an unusual candy for breakfast every day. So, why not serve it on a special day?
  • Dream: not to those who resist a fried dream. From the most traditional fillings, such as cream and dulce de leche, to the most modern ones, such as hazelnut cream, this sweet cheers anyone.
  • Granola with yogurt and fruit: a light, delicious and ideal alternative for those who want to celebrate without overflowing with food.
  • Tapioca: these thin and delicious discs are also incredible with sweet side dishes, such as guava, condensed milk and coconut, dulce de leche or fruit.

3. What to serve: drinks

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To complete the most important meal of the day, you can not miss something to drink. In doubt of what can serve? We help you decide:

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  • Natural juice: nothing like a refreshing juice to start the day. Choose the fruit of your choice, or combine some, to start the day on the right foot.
  • Fruit vitamin: for those who prefer something a little stronger, the fruit vitamin can be a good option.
  • Yogurt: the most liquid yogurts are perfect for drinking in the glass, in addition to being great for those who prefer a healthier breakfast.
  • Coffee: there are those who cannot start the day without a hot coffee. So, whether it’s freshly brewed or instant, a good cup of coffee can’t be missing.
  • Coffee with milk: a variant of the item above, which is very popular across the country, latte, or pingado, is ideal for those who like coffee, but prefer something a little softer.
  • Cappuccino: a special day deserves a special drink, right? Buy a good cappuccino mix to delight early.
  • Milk with chocolate: the children’s favorite is traditional for breakfast in many Brazilian houses and could not be missed on a morning party.
  • Hot chocolate: perfect for those cold, lazy mornings, a creamy hot chocolate goes great.
  • Flavored water: a light option that has been gaining ground in birthday parties and other celebrations, the flavored water can take fruits such as apples, pineapples, lemons and even herbs, such as mint.
  • Mimosas: for the over-aged, mimosa is an elegant and tasty option that is successful in brunchs. With orange juice and sparkling wine, this drink will surely win you over.

4. Observe the birthday boy’s preferences

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It may seem silly to remember this, but this is the most important part of preparing someone’s birthday breakfast. Always think about whoever is going to receive this treat would like to eat such things, or what would be more successful. We have given some food and drink ideas above, but everything can, and should, be adapted to the tastes of the birthday boy!

5. Bet on playful presentations for children

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We eat first with our eyes, and for the little ones this is no different. A fun breakfast, with pancakes and sandwiches in pet shapes, for example, is much more attractive than the preparations we make on a daily basis. It is worth investing a few more minutes in this.

6. Prepare everything in advance


Whether it’s a surprise birthday breakfast or not, the ideal thing is that most things are prepared by the night before. This way, you don’t have to worry so much about complicated preparations and can dedicate more time to a set table, or a special decoration.

7. Invest in a special decoration


A well-laid table, fresh flowers, signs with the name of each food, balloons… all this makes the birthday breakfast even more special, in addition to showing the birthday person that whoever prepared that moment cares about the look, besides the flavor. Personalized trays, paper toppers, handmade signs or even themed decorations are very welcome!

Now that you know everything you need to prepare a special breakfast without errors, how about seeing how some people put their ideas into practice?

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How to make birthday breakfast

It seems like a lot to take care of, doesn’t it? But don’t worry, preparing a birthday breakfast for someone, or as a gift for yourself, is much easier and more fun than partner! Watch the videos below and get inspired:

How to prepare a special breakfast

In this video, Dani Noce teaches you how to prepare delicious food for a super special breakfast for those you love. It is guaranteed success!

How to prepare birthday breakfast outdoors

In this video by Juliana Pernomo, you accompany her in preparing for the groom’s birthday breakfast, having great food tips, a set table and how to organize for the event.

Ideas for assembling breakfast tray

Who doesn’t love coffee in bed, right? If you choose this option when preparing your birthday breakfast, be sure to check out these tips to assemble the perfect tray!

Still in doubt about how to prepare the most special breakfast of the year? So, enjoy the beautiful inspirations we have selected for you:

30 birthday breakfast photos to start your day right

Nothing better than being inspired with beautiful breakfasts prepared by other people, isn’t it? Check out some amazing ideas that you can easily reproduce at home:

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1. Black paper and chalk are a great pair for decoration

affective tables by laura

2. For a special breakfast, bet on a decorated tray

yara myrelle

3. Details like the congratulations sign make the difference

Juliana oliveira

4. Especially for the little ones!

tainá farias von held

5. But there is no one who doesn’t love being pampered on their birthday, is there?

doing brigadeirices

6. Flowers make the table even more beautiful

aline tatagiba

7. Just like balloons and “congratulations” banners

Caleandra Gielow

8. A modern and sober tray for a man’s birthday coffee

mini affective party

9. There is no one who does not love a beautiful table set

floral decor

10. The kids will love to start the day with a breakfast like these

beautiful things

11. An extra affection for a special day

aline tabosa personal chef

12. Be at a table with the whole family

andreza camara

13. Or in a basket full of delicacies

possible baskets

14. Birthday breakfast has everything to become tradition

home 2_017

15. Invest time in the small details

beleska treats

16. And show that special person how loved they are

pollyana sá

17. There’s no way not to be enchanted

paty moniz

18. A playful and delicious children’s birthday breakfast

wilka meira

19. It doesn’t take much to start the day right

jamile Duarte milk

20. But love and good food cannot be missing!

receive at home

21. How about a June breakfast?


22. Black and white is great for creating an elegant table

house with love 202

23. Perfect for starting the day in the world of the moon

creativy child party

24. The personalized tray adds a special touch

sweet flight

25. Just like the message from the board

dreamed house

26. Plentiful table to celebrate the beginning of another year of life

homemade rj

27. Paper ornaments are inexpensive and look amazing


28. Bet on themed breakfasts for the little ones

Michele nogami

29. The more details, the more special!

beautiful thing

30. The birthday breakfast is perfect to start the day with a smile on your face

decorate atelier

Now just start preparing for the special day! If you want more different birthday ideas, check out these children’s party themes.