Summer is a season full of color, joy and good vibes. Therefore, the season can be used as a perfect inspiration for decorating children’s parties. In addition to all the freshness and energy transmitted by the sun, the theme is also a good option because it involves the universe of nature and, therefore, it serves to celebrate both the girls ‘and boys’ birthday.

According to Mariana Perylo, from Perylampo Festas, to prepare a party with the face of summer the ideal is to bet on the mix of colors. “Children naturally already enjoy everything that is colorful. In summer, then, this mixture works very well and makes the environment more cheerful ”, he says. Another suggestion is to invest in aquatic themes, after all, the season is linked to heat, beach and sun. “In this case, themes like‘ Fundo do Mar ’and‘ Little Mermaid ’, for example, are the ones that best match the season,” he concludes.

Credits: Manu Ferreira – 4communication

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