Autumn is a transition season between summer and winter. The season is characterized by its milder temperatures, its beauty and its transformation of nature. In addition, the period is considered the most delicious of the year, because it is when the fruits are super high, at harvest time. Soon after autumn comes winter, the cold season. What many people do not know is that the two seasons can also be used as inspirations for decorating children’s parties. They are a good option because they involve the universe of nature and, therefore, it serves to celebrate both the girls ‘and boys’ birthday. Want to know how?

According to Mariana Perylo, from Perylampo Festas, to prepare a party with the face of autumn the ideal is to bet on a decoration inspired by nature, with cooler and darker colors. “The tip is to invest in themes like‘ Fazendinha ’,‘ Branca de Neve ’and‘ Little Red Riding Hood ’, which have scenarios symbolizing forests, animals and fruits”, he suggests. For the winter, it is worth choosing water options, after all the season is linked to the cold. “Frozen, Fundo do Mar and Little Mermaid combine a lot with the season”, he concludes.

Agenda sent by Manu Ferreira da 4Comunicações

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