OR Anniversary with Futebol theme At the moment, affinity, the World Cup is happening in Russia and the Brazilian team has a good chance of getting up. Confire 20 appealing ideas to decorate this children's theme party.

The theme "Futebol" offers freedom for fazer different combinations of cores and, at the same time, exploring spaces a year. A decoração can incorporate elements that lembram esse esporte, such as engraving, rede, ball, chuteira, among other items. Ah! It is not stated that the personalities of the anniversaries should be lifted in time to decorate the festinha (inclusive or time of coração).

18 Ideias para anniversário com theme Futebol

TO festa com theme Futebol It is timeless, fun and offers many decorating possibilities. A “jogada de mestre” can be inspired by a favorite time of anniversaries or mesmo em championships, as is the case World Cup. Além disso, thematic “Futebol Vintage” also reveals a boa opção to escape from obvio.

O Casa e Festa garimpou as melhores ideias para aniversário com theme Futebol. Check:

1 – Copinho Brigadeiros

At the time of setting up the main table, it is not necessary to include brigadeiros de copinho. Every year to decorate each document, it is safe to use confetti na cor verde, to symbolize or engrave.

2 – Main table

Na imagem abaixo, we have a table decorated with Futebol theme. Thematic bolus, the counting with decorative letters (which formed a word "GOOOL") and many elements na cor verde. He has also inspired the bones of some players and some plants, such as the case of succulents.

3 – Balls and trophies

There are many simple and cheap ideas to value or Futebol theme, as in the case of use of balls and trophies na decoração. Na imagem to follow, you can see balls inside a caixote de madeira and a troféu de campeão on the main table.

4 – Custom t-shirts

Entrust some soccer jerseys, personalized as anniversaries. Then, escort a place to mount a varal e pendure as peças. Super creative fica!

5 – Mini Troféus

Em looking for lembrancinhas de anniversário theme futebol? Here goes a creative suggestion that fits no bag: surpreenda you invited with mini trophies. And, within each mime, place a chocolate bolinha.

6 – Thematic kettles

Does it taste like potting? Pois então, você pode personaliza-com or theme futebol and include doces within each marmitex. No final da festa, presente as crianças. Go to photo abaixo and inspire-se na ideia.

7 – Fundo da main table

There are different ways of personalizing or founding the main table, being that one of them is a criação de um futebol field. You can undo as riscas com giz branco numa lousa ou mesmo customize a piece of green paper with these marks. Is it easier for you to have pain in balões, not mesmo?

8 – Cupcakes

You cupcakes com theme futebol Promethe deixar to the main table decorated with more whim. Uma boa ideia to make or twelve and simulate or engraved with green glaze and then end with "bolinhas".

9 – Glass filter

Or glass filter appears, practically, in all children's parties. Customize this object according to the theme of the festa e use-o na decoração.

10 – Chuteiras in MDF

As MDF são uteis plates when decorating a children's party. You can, for example, use them to make small chuteiras and decorate the main table, as shown in the main table.

11 – Rede with balls

Você can hang uma rede no teto, but precisely on the main table. Inside dessa rede, place several futebol balls, as shown by imagem abaixo.

12 – Balões

I want to talk to you about a children's event with a football theme, especially models that imitate soccer balls. To deix to more beautiful and modern composição, use gas hélio to inflate each balão.

13 – Custom Tags

Will you serve lanchinhos na festa do seu filho? Then decorate each boat with a futebol ball tag. That idea is simple, practical, cheap and guarantor um result incrível na decoração.

14 – Docinhos no campo

Doesn't he know how do you disperse docinhos on the table? Enter the place and place them on a kind of fake futebol field. It will be a game of two brigadeiros against os beijinhos. How are you?

15 – Centerpiece

Or centerpiece gives Children's party with Futebol theme It doesn't need to be revolutionary, muito contrário hair. É possível bet numa ideia bem simple: place a ball on a green surface (it can be a real grass or green crepom paper). A table also deserves a special open, as this model xadrez.

16 – Bolus

Or bolus inspired do not fear Futebol can be fictional or real. Among the most interesting ideas, it is worth mentioning or bolus with massa verde and several bolinhas not interior (type Bolus Piñata).

17 – Custom Garrafinhas

Foi-se or tempo em que as crianças utilizes vam copinhos discarded. Agora, elas gostam mesmo das garrafinhas personalized. With a green cor, futebol and apito ball label, this carafe model promises fazer success among the little ones invited.

18 – Quadros with silhouettes of players

Em looking for enfeites for a decoração com theme futebol? Go here, I'll go: bet on quadros with silhouettes of players. Use to shave the main table ou qualquer cantinho da festa.

Or anniversary with Futebol theme and able to please children and adolescents. And there? Or what do you do for ideas? Do you have any suggestion? Comment


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