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Today I bring you a suggestion on how to make your bladders look new.

The idea is to cover them with tulle and finish with bows or flowers.

The decor will be very romantic and delicate.

Credit for the post image: @boutique_balloons_melbourhuh

You will need:
  • Bladders (the size you want)
  • Tulle
  • Invisible thread or nylon
  • Finishing items: can be natural or plastic flowers, bows, lace, among others of your choice

Note: Tulle is heavy for the bladder, so no it is worth filling with helium gas. The ideal to leave it suspended is to secure it with invisible thread or nylon.

Note 2: Tulle size: cut out a large square, enough to cover the entire balloon and tie it in the bladder mouth with elastic or another ribbon that replaces it. With the scissors, it hits the ends of the tulle.

Obs 3: Place the bladder in the center of the tulle and join all the sides in the bladder mouth. Stretch the tulle (carefully) until it is all wrapped up.

Obs 4: For finishing, use and abuse ties, flowers, lace among others. To paste the natural flowers or not, use an instant adhesive glue. Do not use hot glue.

Obs 5: If you are going to do it as a centerpiece, place the bladder holder after filling it. Only then put on the tulle.

Below is a video to see the step by step
Source: Diy Family

They are simply wonderful:

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