O children's birthday invitation It is the first contact of the guests with the party, so it should be elaborated with care and according to the visual identity of the celebration. Check out tips for setting up the perfect invitation and ready-to-print templates.

Organizing a children's birthday is not as simple as it sounds. Parents need to keep an extensive list of preparations, including decorations, guest lists, menus, attractions, party favors and, of course, party invitations.

DIY children's birthday invitation. (Photo: Disclosure)

Tips for making a children's birthday invitation

Casa e Festa has separated some tips for making a children's birthday invitation. Check out:

1 – Try to please the child audience

The children's party invitation should be sent in the name of the child, not your parents. The document should present the theme of the birthday in a very subtle way and thus instigate the desire to be present on the anniversary.

2 – Include important information

There is some information that can not be missed in the invitation, such as the name of the birthday, address of the place of the party, date and time (start and end).

3 – Choose an Inviting Short Phrase

It is worth choosing a short and inviting phrase to stamp the children's birthday invitation. Here are some options that can translate the joy of the little birthday boy:

“Come celebrate my birthday. Just missing you. ”

“You can't miss my little party. It's going to be very cool"

"It's my birthday. Come celebrate with me! ”

“I think I saw a little party. I'm waiting for you. You are coming, right? ”

“I'm going to erase the old ladies. Come celebrate with me. ”

"I helped daddy and mommy make such a cute party for you to come celebrate with me."

The invitation phrase may appear in context, ie according to the theme of the party. Here's an example with the theme “Little Farm”:

“Do you know where my farm is? It is located at (address of party location). On _____, at _______, my pets and I are waiting for you for my little party. It will be really fun. Do not miss it! ”.

4 – Be playful

The kids birthday invitation needs to have a playful appeal, meaning it should value the currently hot child characters. It is also worth working with many unusual colors and shapes.

5 – Bet on different formats

Children's birthday invitation with

The invitation is actually a very charming bottle of milk. (Photo: Disclosure)

Children's invitation does not necessarily have to be a piece of paper. It can be some creative object related to the theme, such as the bottle of milk that invites the child to participate in a party with the theme “Fazendinha”. Or the candy lunch box with the invitation on the label, which acts as a kind of early souvenir.

6 – Do it yourself

This habit of buying ready-made snacks in supermarkets was in the 90s. The trend now is to put into practice a DIY idea (Do It Yourself). Be creative and customize the piece to the fullest.

Not sure how to make a DIY kids party invitation? Then watch the following video and get inspired:

Printable Children's Birthday Invitation Templates

On the internet, it is possible to find several printable children's birthday invitation templates. Just download the image, customize it with the party data and you're done.

The convites invoke the most diverse children's themes, such as Peppa Pig, Minnie, Beauty and the Beast, Canine Patrol, Ballerina, Airplane, Firefighter, Farm, Barbie, Batman, Circus, Cars, among others.

We panned the cutest invitations for a children's party, ready to print. Check out:

Moana Birthday Invitation. (Photo: Disclosure)

Frozen Birthday Invitation. (Photo: Disclosure)

Patati Birthday Invitation Patata. (Photo: Disclosure)

Birthday Invitation Chicken Pintadinha. (Photo: Disclosure)

Birthday Invitation Disney Princesses. (Photo: Disclosure)

Mickey Birthday Invitation. (Photo: Disclosure)

Dinosaurs Birthday Invitation. (Photo: Disclosure)

Princess Sofia Birthday Invitation. (Photo: Disclosure)

Birthday Invitation Butterflies. (Photo: Disclosure)

Barbie Birthday Invitation. (Photo: Disclosure)

Peppa Pig Birthday Invitation. (Photo: Disclosure)

Fireman Birthday Invitation. (Photo: Disclosure)

Monster High Birthday Invitation. (Photo: Disclosure)

Birthday Invitation Angels. (Photo: Disclosure)

Airplane Birthday Invitation. (Photo: Disclosure)

Birthday Invitation Beauty and the Beast. (Photo: Disclosure)

Birthday Invitation Beauty and the Beast. (Photo: Disclosure)

Minnie Birthday Invitation. (Photo: Disclosure)

Minnie Birthday Invitation. (Photo: Disclosure)

Dog Patrol Birthday Invitation for a girl. (Photo: Disclosure)

Canine Patrol Birthday Party Invitation. (Photo: Disclosure)

Birthday Invitation Ballerina. (Photo: Disclosure)

Ballerina Birthday Invitation – Template 2. (Photo: Disclosure)

Birthday Invitation Fazendinha. (Photo: Disclosure)

Fazendinha Birthday Invitation – Template 2. (Photo: Disclosure)

Where to place a children's birthday invitation online?

Canvas page. (Photo: Disclosure)

You don't need Photoshop skills to put together an online birthday invitation. Just create a login on Canvas.com and enjoy all the features it has to offer. There are a multitude of layouts, fonts and images available for free use in creations.

Once the invitation is ready, you only need to export in the desired format, such as JPG, PNG, or PDF. After downloading, you can print the file or share it on social networks.

Canvas has many kids themed layouts like Dinosaurs, Superheroes, Princesses, Dogs and Safari. Enjoy this variety.

What's up? You have more suggestions for creating a children's birthday invitation? Leave a comment.


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