Life-size characters are the big attractions of the birthday decoration

If every child likes to accompany their favorite characters in the cartoons, imagine seeing them up close, in real size and at the birthday party itself? It is as if the dream of a life has come true. This magic today is possible through three-dimensional scenarios, which guarantee the joy of the little ones and an unforgettable experience for parents.

Closer and closer to reality, 3D dolls are also impressive for their aesthetic beauty, since they are made with differentiated material, with a firmer and velvety texture, and โ€œrealโ€ props such as corset ropes, glasses or buttons. According to Mariana Perylo, of Perylampo Festas, the element appeared in the decoration market to complete the scenario and today it is a very important item. “Today we use dolls in all of our themes, from Disney Princesses to Dinosaurs, Mundo Bita, Monster High and Circus”, he reveals.

Popular with all age groups, 3D decoration escapes that image composed simply by panels and a decorated table that were so used in the past. Today, the universe of children’s parties is an artistic branch, where pieces made with care and professional finishing stand out. Everything for the child to feel part of any fairy tale or superhero story he chooses.

Mariana Perylo also points out that the decoration of children’s parties goes beyond the cake table and, therefore, it is necessary to invest in complementary elements, such as illustrated panels and three-dimensional dolls to transform the environment into a more complete setting. In addition, they make all the difference with the kids. โ€œThey are delighted to see in person the characters they are used to seeing on TV. There is a whole magic involved โ€, he says.

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Images provided by Perylampo

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