With June approaching, there are already people thinking about how to make the souvenirs for the June party. The traditional festival of São João, which combines typical foods, decoration with flags and children’s games, happens all over Brazil during the whole month.

If the residents of your neighborhood are already mobilizing to prepare for the party, it is important not to forget the souvenirs. You can use different materials to produce these treats, such as jute, cheetah, straw and even recycled objects.

June party favors ideas

Check out several options for party souvenirs below:

1 – Surprise bag with scarecrow

The scarecrow inspired this surprise bag.

(Photo: Paty / Mymos)

One of the most famous souvenirs of the June festivals across the country, the surprise bag is simple and quick to make. To add a special touch, you can stick the face of a scarecrow on the front!

To make a scarecrow souvenir for the June party, the process is simple: Buy bags made of jute and some sweets to fill them. After that, a colorful bow can give an original touch to the souvenirs. To shape the scarecrow, let your imagination run free. Use EVA and hot glue.

2 – Decorated bottle

Decorated bottle for June party

The decorated bottle is also another way to make guests very happy! Buy mini bottles of cachaça. Then, you can fill them with colored pebbles or chocolate confetti for the kids.

Tip: Using a bow or sticker can be essential to make the bottle more stripped.

3 – Corn cob

A very nice souvenir for children's June party.

To make a corn cob souvenir, you will need:

  • a small plastic bottle
  • EVE
  • hot glue
  • Jute
  • Mini straw hat

The bottle will be the cob. The jute, in turn, will be wrapped by string and will represent the husk of the corn. When you put the mini straw hat on top of the cap, the doll will be almost ready, just create the eyes and mouth with EVA!

4 – Decorated straw hat

Straw hat decorated with EVA.

If you want to make everything even more practical, you can buy straw hats. To use a straw hat as a souvenir of the June party, there are two different paths:

– The first way is simpler: the hat must contain some EVA decorations (you can choose to make flags, small scarecrows, ears of corn, etc.).

If you want to give it a little extra touch, a colorful bow around the straw hat also goes well.

– The second way, a little more elaborate, works as follows: instead of decorating the hat, buy candy to fill it, transparent bag to wrap it and a bow to tie it.

So, when the guests return home, they will take a nice straw hat with treats inside!

5 – Popcorn tree

Popcorn tree.

If you are looking to bet on creativity, the popcorn perhaps it is the ideal option. Want to know how to make popcorn tree for June party souvenir? Check out the step by step below!

– You will need popcorn, small pots (cans, milk cartons, etc.), barbecue sticks, colored satin ribbons, Styrofoam balls, scissors and hot glue.

Step 1: fill the vase with corn, plaster, clay or any other material that will support the weight of the object.

Step 2: use the satin ribbons and the hot glue to cover the barbecue skewer.

Step 3: Stick one part of the toothpick to the Styrofoam ball and the other to the vase.

Step 4: Pop some popcorn. Then, apply hot glue to its surface and glue the Styrofoam ball one by one.

Step 5: Use the satin ribbons to make bows on the bottom of the toothpick.

There, you have in hand a great souvenir for June party!

6 – Mini junina tent

Mini junina tent

Do you want to make a souvenir to decorate the guests’ table? So bet on this beautiful junina party stand assembled with ice cream sticks. The finishing of each piece is due to the mini EVA flags.

7 – Bonfire of ice cream sticks

Bonfire of ice cream sticks

And speaking of ice cream sticks, you can use this material to build small fires that have everything to do with the climate of São João. In this case, the flames of the fire can be reproduced with red and yellow crepe paper. Watch the tutorial below:

8 – Flower pot

Flower pot

Using a piece of jute and a clothesline of mini flags, you make a table souvenir for June party. After the stingray, the guests take this ornament home.

9 – Bullet tubes

Candy tubes - green corn

The tubes, when filled with yellow candies, turn into ears of corn. It is a great souvenir idea for St. John and also serves as a treat for the farm party.

10 – Popcorn holder

Popcorn holder

To make the stingray more beautiful and lively, bet on this charming popcorn holder. It serves as a souvenir and also a centerpiece for the June party. Learn the step by step.

11 – Napkin holder

Napkin holder

The decoration of the guests’ table can be done with a themed napkin holder, made with popsicle sticks and colored paper flags.

12 – Craft bag

Craft bag

A very easy idea to make and that does not weigh in the budget: craft bags decorated with colorful flags. Inside each little bag you can put sweets for the guests.

13 – Table arrangement with PET

Table arrangement with PET

At the São João party, everything can be reused, including the PET bottle. Use the packaging to make a charming table arrangement, personalized with EVA.

14 – Bonfire with sweets

Bonfire with sweets

Creating souvenirs means putting your imagination to work. An interesting tip is to build a fire with ice cream sticks and use it as a support for sweets. Once ready, the piece also functions as a centerpiece.

15 – Felt bonfire

Felt campfire

Using pieces of felt in shades of yellow, red and brown, you make a beautiful fire. Access the complete step by step and the template in Marrispe Crafts.

16 – Scarecrow with milk carton

Scarecrow with milk carton

Don’t throw it away! Reuse the milk cartons to make beautiful June souvenirs. This job also requires EVA plates.

17 – Bonbons from Santo Antônio
Bonbons from Santo Antônio

On June 13, Saint Anthony’s Day is celebrated. Get inspired by that date to create incredible treats.

14 – Panels with dulce de leche

Clams with dulce de leche

If you have a little more money to invest in souvenirs, then buy some colorful pans and put bags of dulce de leche in each one.

15 – Sweet in the spoon

Candy in spoon

In this idea, a simple spoon served as a structure to shape a caipirinha, with a straw hat and printed clothes.

16 – Felt corn

Felt corn

So that no one will forget the party, distribute felt corns among the guests. This job requires manual skill, but it is well worth it.

17 – Cup candy

Cup candy

The cup candy they are perfect for June party. You can bet on flavors that match the occasion, such as churros and curau.

18 – Cupcakes

June party cupcakes

How about surprising the guests with June cupcakes? You just need to decorate the cookies with flags, bows and patches of American paste.

19 – Cake-pop

June party cake-pop

The cake on a stick is a good suggestion for a birthday party souvenir. These sweets decorate the cake table and make the guests happy at the end of the party.

20 – Glass jars with candies

Glass jars with candies

A simple and easy tip: turn glass jars into candy wrappers. You can personalize each treat with signs and tags.

21 – American cup with candy

American cup with rice pudding

There are many easy-to-make June souvenirs, such as this American cup of rice pudding decorated with printed fabric.

22 – Pot with candies

Pot with candies

The great differential of this June souvenir is the packaging, which imitates the costumes of a hillbilly.

23 – Balloon-shaped lamp

Balloon-shaped lamp

In June, you can’t let go of the balloon, but you are free to distribute these lovely lamps among the guests. It is a project made with colored cardboard, scissors, hot glue and artificial candle

24 – Santinho


The shoe box can serve as an altar for the saint. Customize the piece and surprise the guests with your creativity.

25 – Junine tubes

Junine tubes

Transform the classic candy tubes into beautiful June party favors. Everyone will love this idea, which uses patches of printed fabric and felt.

26 – June sweets

June sweets

Place the festa junina sweets in transparent bags. Then, personalize the packages with colored ribbons, artificial flowers and saints.

27 – Recyclable

Recyclable souvenir from festa junina

Do you want to put recycling into practice? So bet on this souvenir that reuses cardboard, paper and tissue boxes.

28 – Marmitinhas

June party fudge

The lid of each lunchbox was personalized with cheetah fabric and a mini straw hat. Do not forget to carefully choose the sweets to put in the container.

29 – Tubetes with straw hats

Tubetes with straw hats

In this proposal, the peanut tubes were decorated with mini straw hats and patches of printed fabric.

30 – Jars with homemade sweets


These jars of candy were beautiful! It is a good suggestion for a June party souvenir for adults.

31 – Decorated bottles

Decorated bottle of festa junina

Decorated bottles make the June party more sustainable and thematic. Use mini straw hats and fabric scraps to personalize the packaging.

32 – Stalls with cardboard and PET bottle

Stalls with cardboard and PET bottle

You can create beautiful junina stalls, using PET bottle bottoms, fabric scraps and pieces of cardboard.

33 – Aluminum cans

Aluminum cans festa junina

Handicraft with cheetah is always welcome at São João parties, as is the case with these aluminum cans customized with this type of fabric.

34 – Candle

June party candle

The candle, when placed in a glass container decorated with flags, is a knockout.

35 – Popcorn heart arrangement

Arrangement with popcorn heart

This idea suits those who do birthday and festa junina in the same event. The heart, made with popcorn, was placed inside an arrangement of colorful flowers. This ornament, in turn, was mounted on a straw hat. Chic, isn’t it?

Do you have any suggestions that were not mentioned in this text? Leave it down here, in the space for comments!


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