Looking for female children's birthday themes? Well know that there are many ideas on the rise. Disney characters pack the themes, ensuring magic, delicacy and romanticism for the girls' parties. Find out what are the 10 most popular topics this year.

There are basically two categories of most popular children's party themes for girls. First, we have those that are considered classics and never go out of style, as is the case with the “ballerina” and the “enchanted garden”. There are also themes that invoke characters that cheer childhood, as is the case with Disney princesses, Minnie and Barbie.

10 Children's Children's Birthday Themes

Children's birthday parties have been experiencing a new phase for some years now. They rely on many innovations and abuse creativity to delight children. The themes, which determine the decoration of each celebration, also follow trends, which are dictated by the drawings and films that are successful.

Casa e Festa selected the 10 female children's birthday themes that are on the rise. Check out:

1 – Disney Princesses

The girls, aged 4 to 9, are in love with Disney princesses. Characters like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Ariel bring out the magic eternalized by fairy tales. The decoration with this theme usually values ​​romantic colors and elements that resemble the nobility, as is the case with crowns and pompous dresses. See creative ideas for Disney's Princess Party.

2 – Ballerina

The figure of the dancer is all about the female universe. The decoration, inspired by this theme, asks for elements characteristic of ballet, such as the tutu skirt and ballet flats. Dance should influence every detail of the party, including invitation, party favors, cake and decorations on the main table. Check out inspiring ballerina-themed party ideas.

3 – Frozen

The movie “Frozen – A freezing adventure” was a real box office hit in 2014. Thousands of children came to the cinemas to check out the story of the fearless princess Anna and her sister Elsa. The decoration with this theme calls for cool colors to represent the enchanted kingdom on ice. Discover some creative ideas for the Frozen themed party.

4 – Beauty and the Beast

The film "Beauty and the Beast", starring Emma Watson, was one of the main releases of the month of March 2017. It tells the story of a princess imprisoned in a castle by a monster. The feature rescues the girls' interest in the story “Beauty and the Beast”, which is why this fairy tale will yield dazzling children's parties in the coming months.

The decoration for Beauty and the Beast's birthday calls for a Provencal aesthetic, capable of enhancing mainly the variations of yellow and gold. Some elements cannot be left out of the party, as is the case with candlesticks, crockery, ruffles, crystals and candles.

5 – Princess Moana

Princess Moana is still a novelty in the magical Disney universe. The animated film was released in Brazil in January 2017, with the aim of telling the story of a young Polynesian woman who needs to sail across the ocean in search of the salvation of her people.

The Princesa Moana party gives maximum value to the luau climate, with coconut trees, fruits and flowers. The elements that refer to the sea and Polynesian art also combine with this theme.

6 – Bee

Are you looking for themes for a 1 year old children's party? Then consider the “Bee” theme. The anniversary will have a cheerful, delicate aesthetic that does not need pink elements. The colors most used in the decoration are yellow, black and brown.

7 – Barbie

Barbie is very successful as a doll and has inspired countless animated films. It also has guaranteed space at birthday parties. The theme calls for a romantic and delicate decoration, able to maximize the universe of the character. White and pink or black and pink are some possible color combinations.

8 – Enchanted Garden

Invoking elements of nature, such as flowers, trees, mushrooms, birds and butterflies, is the main proposal of the Jardim Encantado party. The decor can be Provencal, with period furniture, pastel colors and floral prints, or rustic, with real plants and very green.

9 – Minnie

Minnie, Mickey's eternal girlfriend, also serves as inspiration for children's parties. The theme asks for polka dots pattern, ties and ears just like the character. There are two possible color combinations: red, white and black or white, black and pink.

10 – Dolls

Have you ever thought about decorating your daughter's birthday with dolls? Well know that this idea is on the rise. Bet on delicate and romantic references to elaborate the decoration, souvenirs and sweets. Ask each guest to bring their favorite doll, so that the fraternization will be more fun.

What's up? What did you think of female children's birthday themes? Leave a comment with your opinion.


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