by Hugo Tanaka

On 07.17.21

The Roblox cake, like the game, allows creativity to be given wings when decorating. After all, as it has infinite possibilities for creation in the open world, the ways to decorate the cake are countless. So see 70 ways to bake and how to bake a Roblox cake. Check it all out in the upcoming sessions!

70 photos of Roblox cake to exercise your creativity

Roblox is a game that has gained millions of fans in a very short time. Therefore, many people have chosen this theme as their party cake. After all, in Roblox’s world, the possibilities are endless and the combinations countless. A cake with this theme should be really creative and fun, too. So see 70 Roblox cake ideas for your confectionery adventure.

1. Do you think about baking a Roblox cake?

Angela Cardozo

2. This topic is increasingly on the rise

Vanessa Torres

3. With each passing day, more and more children fall in love with this game

Sweet Dreams Gourmet Sweets

4. For those who don’t know, Roblox is a cross-platform game

Tata Fratel

5. His big thing is the possibility of creating minigames inside the base


6. Thus, each player can create their own game within the base of the platform

Adelucia Andrade

7. In addition, it is also possible to just play the creations from the community.

Laisla Morais

8. This makes children develop skills such as logic

delights of lugoiania

9. The combinations and possibilities are practically endless

Laisla Morais

10. This is also true for cakes

With love, Brigadier

11. Which will always be unique and original

Lila Cakes

12. Roblox cake with a cake topper does this job well

Samara Felix

13. Colors give the necessary charm

Tatiana Barros Cake & Sweet

14. A square Roblox cake resembles game blocks

Andreza GalrΓ£o

15. With two floors, the cake will stand out even more

Samara Felix

16. The gradient decoration is very special

Andreza GalrΓ£o

17. If you want easy decoration, make a Roblox cake with whipped cream

Fabiana Ferreira | Cake Design

18. This confection allows you to make the cachepot cake


19. Which is a decoration often used in this theme


20. The brick can be made in the cachepot or in an American paste

Reshma Soodeen

21. Don’t forget the grass on top of the cake

Fernanda Justo

22. It can be made into a Roblox cake with whipped cream


23. Blocks are an important element of Roblox

Valeria Cakes

24. They must be present in the cakes

candy delights

25. Use your imagination to harmonize the decor

Ju sweets

26. Lego style blocks are also welcome

MotherDaBia Brigadeiria

27. With them it is possible to have one of the infinite possibilities of the game

Rosane Fraga

28. Colors are important in this decoration

Angelica Cordovil

29. The tones need to be well chosen

Alice Arteira

30. But the more colors the better.

confectioner’s apprentice

31. Let’s talk about girl’s Roblox cake?

sweet wave

32. The birthday girl’s name deserves full attention

Ju sweets

33. Favorite versions of characters may be present

Ana Almeida Cakes

34. It is possible to have a beautiful decoration on the Roblox cake with whipped cream

LaBelle – Cakes & Sweets

35. Silver highlights the cake

Ana Almeida Cakes

36. The same happens with the glitter

Atelier Ms. Sweetie

37. Which can be used without moderation

martacake designer

38. In this case, the pastry spatula will make a lot of difference

Michelle Couto

39. For example, with it you can make a wave cake

Ana Almeida Cakes

40. Or simulate the famous bricks of the game


41. The gradient can also appear on the female Roblox cake

AraΓΊjo Confectionery

42. Solid colors are also successful

Cake Show Cake Boutique

43. This is also true for pastel shades

liliam patricia

44. This hue makes the cake delicate

Juliana Souza

45. And it’s ideal for minimalist decor

Cakes Workshop | A-N-A

46. ​​In turn, neon tones are the center of attention

Rosane Fraga

47. It is possible to give even more shine to a special date

Fernanda Justo

48. These shades make the cake happier

Iully Fernandes

49. White leaves the cake with the impression of being bigger

Elaine Cristina

50. A Roblox cake with American paste allows you to make the characters in 3D

Debora Days

51. The coverage will be more uniform with the American paste

Raulina Espindola

52. Pasta is life, the saying goes

Joana Hirata – Jojocake

53. Contrast will always be a great idea

π˜Ώπ™€π™ͺπ™œπ™‘π™–π™¨ π™ƒπ™šπ™«π™šπ™§π™©π™€π™£

54. Why not risk an American paste sculpture?

Alex Alvino & Wong Yok

55. Something simpler is to make the blocks using the American paste

phillippe cakes

56. Decorating with black highlights the other elements

Bruna Mariano

57. The square Roblox cake can be more elaborate

Creations by Carol

58. Or simpler using rice paper

je parties

59. Simplicity that can be present in rustic cake

Carol Alves Cakes

60. The birthday will be complete with favorite characters

Lolly Cakes

61. Regardless of how many worlds will be present in the cake

Debora Pereira

62. After all, that’s what Roblox is all about

Luciana Freitas

63. Join infinite worlds in infinite adventures

Erica’s Cakes

64. This is one of the reasons for the success of Roblox

Angelica Cordovil

65. With Roblox cake this is also valid

Maricota Truffles&Cia

66. After all, everyone is welcome on this platform

Andressa Fialho

67. There’s nothing better than celebrating a date in style then

Sweet Scrap

68. The party will surely be remembered for years to come.


69. And it will make the honored person happy

Clara’s delights

70. After all, Roblox is for empowering the imagination

Janaina Fortunato Confectionery

With so many amazing ideas it makes you want to get your hands dirty. Thus, it is necessary to be careful not to make mistakes when confectioning your cake. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and plan well how to bake Roblox cake.

How To Make Roblox Cake

Everyone wants to venture into the kitchen. Is not it? This can help you practice new techniques or start a new hobby. That way, nothing better than starting training on your next party’s cake. So, see the selected videos.

How to make a brick effect

Confectioner Lorena Gontijo explains how to make the brick effect. This type of effect is perfect for decorating a Roblox cake. For this, the baker uses whipped cream and makes two layers of the material. One is gray and the other is the color of brick. The bricks are made using a spatula and a toothpick.

pink roblox cake

To learn how to make a pink roblox cake, just watch the video from the channel AteliΓͺ Sweet Lidiane Oliveira. For this, the baker gives tips on how to get a good finish. Among these tips, she talks about the importance of the pre-layer of whipped cream. In addition, in this decoration, Oliveira also gives tips on how not to despair if some of the confection falls on the counter.

Roblox cake with rice paper

Rice paper can be very versatile. After all, using it in decoration is easy and doesn’t require so much technique. However, to perform the application correctly, it is necessary to take some precautions. To see important tips when using rice paper, watch the video from Nine Nan Cake’s channel.

Roblox is a game that has been very successful among children. He uses a formula for success. With this theme, the party will be complete and the decoration possibilities will be endless. Another theme that has a lot to do with this is the minecraft cake.