Fun and charismatic, the Chaves cake conquers any party, especially after adapting the series for children's entertainment. If you want to surprise yourself with a Mexican themed decor, just check out our creative model suggestions, as well as tutorials to brighten up your event:

75 Chaves cakes that will delight your guests

Be inspired by the cake decoration models from Chaves and delight the birthday boy. A perfect choice for all ages, it appeals from the smallest to the big ones.

1. Green and orange colors predominate here

Ateliê dos Doces

2. The models can be quite different

Sublime Art Atelier Gourmet

3. And quite creative

Tatiana Santos Cake Designer

4. Add the whole class

Students Elisa Prado

5. And also make the Chaves de icing cake

Carol Cakes

6. It's a great choice for birthdays

Sweetness of the Go

7. Including adults

Pandora Cakes and Sweets

8. Your formats can be large

Ri.Ca Sweets

9. Or much smaller

The Cake Ateliê

10. Chaves and his gang are really fun

Confectionery Paula Rodrigues

11. And they are marked in the memory of many people

Thamyris Avila

12. Details make the difference

Josane Carine

13. How about a Chantilly Keys cake?

Sweet party

14. Invest in topper in decoration

Carine Bueno

15. And also in American dolls

Palace of Cakes

16. Record your striking lines on the cake

Tahona Pastelaría

17. Dare in confectionery techniques

Delights Beyond the Pot

18. And invest in the details with American paste

Gourmet Studio

19. Bet on Chaves cake with topper

Michele Scalfoni Ferrari

20. And keep a colorful decor

Leticia Bemfica

21. Chaves group is pure fun

Ilza's Homemade Cake

22. Even with simple decor, it stands out

Cristiane Cris Cakes

23. Don't leave anyone out

Jaque Novaes Ricci

24. A cute cake for such a special day

Vanessa Aquino

25. One option is the fake cake, made of EVA and play dough

D’Anne Cakes

26. But there are those who give a show with edible cakes

Nila Almeida Cakes

27. What about this tasty chocolate cake?

Paulinha Lemos

28. Barrel-shaped is super creative

Regilana Ferreira

29. Invest in decorative elements for a complete party

Lily Petit Dessert

30. And bet on sweets to accompany the cake

G&L Creations

31. The delicacy of the details delights the guests

Jessica Galiano

32. 3-story Chaves cake can be very original

Normis Cake

33. And hand ornaments add a touch of care

Lolô delights

34. Use your creativity when decorating the cake

My Sweet Celebrations

35. Even if it is a cake from Chaves of 1 floor

Isabella Azevedo

36. Don't forget to keep Chaves colors

Leo Lorena Cakes

37. But you can combine it with others for a colorful cake

Honey Leidinha

38. Has a Chaves topper for all ages

NN Confectionery

39. And of all sizes

Milla Pereira Cakes

40. It all depends on your preference

Bakery Cake

41. It can be a simple cake

Brazilian Delights

42. Or with whipped cream and American paste textures

Juliana Souza

43. And with the birthday boy's name referring to the series title

Sparkly and Sweet Events

44. The important thing is for the character to be present at the party

Karol Torres

45. A cake that looks set

Ina Party Designer

46. ​​Small cakes are ideal for a quick celebration

Dani Amaral

47. But there are also those who want to share the moment with the whole family

Creative Cakes

48. Decorate your Chaves cake with your favorite goodies

Degs Cakes

49. Look at this doll in American paste!

Fer Minatti

50. The Keys hidden in his barrel is cute

Joana Hirata

51. For a more fun cake, don't forget your friends

Sugary Fairy

52. Invite everyone in the village to the party

Chef Barbara Rocha

53. Prepare a well-decorated table! Guests love it …

Leci Rodrigues

54. And may it be a very colorful and happy birthday!

Pretty Cakes by Lucy

55. See this one with lots of coverage and icing

Suita Dulce Pastry

56. To celebrate a special day, choose a cake that you like

Cakes by Favi

57. And be creative

Leila Moreira

58. This way you will have a tasty Chaves cake

Patricia Pinheiro Cakes

59. And very beautiful!

Cassia Cakes and Sweets

60. Win the admiration of the guests

Pilo’s Cake

61. Just like their curiosity

Gabriel Barreiros

62. Look how detailed this cake is

Luana's confectionery

63. And this one then?

Luartes Store

64. Make your mouth water right away!

Duster Dessert

65. Choose a Chaves cake that matches your party

Patty Cakes Tasty Bakes

66. And surprise in the decoration

Ana’s Dominican Cakes

67. A good suggestion is to use dolls of the characters, like the funko model

Ali’s Cake

68. Or that refers to the adventures of the gang

Sweet Addiction

69. And the group's friendship

Fest Cake Confectionery

70. This charismatic character wins everyone's heart

Naomi Cakes & Co

71. And your style can be recognized by anyone

Lucas Camilo Cake Designer

72. Get compliments

Cakes by Adriele

73. And arouse nostalgia in the older ones

Julissa Martinez

74. This clumsy group brings lightness to the birthday

Maíra Maynart

75. There is no mistake with the Chaves cake, everyone will love it!

Eduardo Alves

Use and abuse toppers and invest in the characters as the central decoration of your cake. Bet on the color and enrich your details table.

How to make cake from Chaves

Check out tutorials to help you make your own Chaves cake, following traditional and easy confectionery techniques.

Chaves Cake with Rice Paper

In this video, learn how to make a cake out of rice paper. Pay attention to the specifications of the whipped cream colors used and the size of the confectionery equipment.

Chaves round cake with whipped cream

This is an easy tutorial to decorate your cake with whipped cream using a topper.

Chaves cake with top

Do you want to innovate? Try making a barrel-shaped cake. Guests are sure to love it.

Did you like the tips? The models can be customized according to your taste, leaving the party with the face of the birthday boy. If you want more practicality, opt for fakes cakes, they are a charm in the decoration.


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