Are you thinking about giving a newborn a gift, but you still don’t know how to do it? A great option is to create crochet baby clothes. To get it right, just have good tips and different ideas.

In addition to the alternative of making a gift, you can also start selling these pieces. They are beautiful models that, for sure, will win the hearts of moms. So get inspired to make these beautiful and delicate works.

How to crochet baby clothes?

The best way to learn step by step to crochet a beautiful baby outfit is with video tutorials. Although they are longer, you can follow while making your own piece. Check out!

Little Princess Crochet Dress – Part 1

If you want to present a girl with a beautiful princess dress, this idea is the most suitable. Here’s how to start your outfit.

Little Princess Crochet Dress – Part 2

Now that you have started your dress, understand how you can finish the job. A good suggestion is to vary the colors, to have different dresses.

Wool cardigan for baby

This outfit can be for both boys and girls. So, here’s how to make a crochet wool coat for babies.

Baby jacket with only 2 hexagons

Do you want to make a cozy coat for cold times? So, this idea is perfect for you to put into practice.

With these video lessons you will have no more doubts when it comes to doing your jobs. So choose your favorite model to get started, but first check out our list of inspirations for more references.

Passionate ideas for crochet baby clothes

In addition to these ideas, you can innovate when making a baby clothes. The pieces bring references to princesses, animals and famous characters. So, discover these amazing models now!

1- Beautiful baby teddy clothes

The cap and overalls create a very graceful look for the little ones.

Cute teddy bear outfit for baby

Photo: Elo 7

2- Rotated dress

This piece is for a real little princess.

Round dress

Photo: Elo 7

3- Pink set for the cold

Ideal to protect the baby when the weather is more unstable.

Pink set for the cold

4- Dress with red accents

This option is perfect for many occasions.

Dress with red accents

Photo: Elo 7 / Crochet baby Store

5- Complete clothes

In this inspiration the outfit matches the shoes and the tiara.

Full red suit

Photo: Elo 7

6- Pink option

Here is a variation of the pink set with crochet flowers.

Complete pink outfit

Photo: Elo 7

7- Baby fox

How about dressing the baby like a beautiful fox?

Fox outfit

Photo: Enjoei

8- Departure from maternity

These outfits are great to wear when you’re coming home.

Crochet Maternity Exit

Photo: Enjoei

9- Delicate green dress

Green is also a great color for girls.

Delicate green dress

Link 7 / Moni’s Mimos

10- Baby elephant

You can make a jumpsuit inspired by a cute animal.

Baby outfit inspired by elephant

Photo: Elo 7 / Arts with Lines

11-Dress with layers

The ruffles offer more grace to the dress.

Dress with layers

Photo: Pinterest

12- Coral dress

Coral is a very luminous color to make your piece.

A beautiful coral dress


13- Set for boy

Models for boys are also in this selection of images.

Boy's set

Photo: Elo 7 / La Mimaria Heartmade

14- Sleeping Beauty

This dress is inspired by the tale of Princess Aurora.

Princess Aurora inspired outfit

Photo: Youtube / Mimos da Malu

15- The Keys of the Eight

How about dressing your little one like Chaves?

Baby clothes inspired by Chaves

Photo: Enjoei

16- The Princess Belle

This inspiration refers to the history of Beautiful and the Beast.

Yellow outfit inspired by Princess Bela

Photo: Pinterest

17- Baby clothes all white

This set in light tone is perfect for newborns.

All white baby clothes

Photo: Enjoei

18- Mint set

Pastel colors, like mint, are the most used in children’s clothing.

Mint set

Photo: Pinterest

19- Little Mickey Mouse

You can make a beautiful outfit inspired by the famous mouse.

Little Mickey Mouse

Photo: Pinterest

20- Differentiated dress

The color and work of this piece are very original.

Dress with neutral colors

Photo: Elo 7 / Atelier da Patthy

21- White cardigan

Here is a great inspiration for baby cardigan.

Crochet white cardigan

Photo: Enjoei

22- Colorful dress

The colorful details make the dress more cheerful.

A colorful dress for a cheerful look

Photo: pinterest

23- Gray clothes

You can also make a kit in neutral colors.

Gray crochet baby clothes

Photo: Aaran baby.

24- The Minnie Mouse

To match Mickey, you can make a little outfit from Minnie Mouse.

Minnie is also inspiration for baby clothes

Photo: Enjoei

25- Christmas Special

This dress can be used in a mesversary from Christmas.

Christmas dress

Photo: Pinterest

26- Traditional dress

There is nothing more traditional than a white dress, is there?

Traditional dress

Photo: Pinterest

27- A lady

This hat with the dress is ideal for a perfect lady.

Dress with cap

Photo: Pinterest

28- Easter Bunny

This inspiration brings a beautiful bunny outfit, with little ears.

Easter bunny

Photo: Elo 7 / Maria Amélia Crochet

29- Pink and lilac

These two colors are widely used in the female universe. Abuse the combination!

Pink and lilac dress

30- Snow White

How about dressing your princess like the snow White? It looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

Snow White Crochet Dress

Photo: Elo / Handmade for BB

31 – Crochet baby mermaid tail

A beautiful option for the girl’s photo shoot.

Crochet baby mermaid tail

Photo: Deborah O’Leary Patterns

32 – Sweet, simple and stylish dress

An ideal piece for girls aged 0 months to 4 years.

Sweet, simple and stylish dress

Photo: Alicia Paulson

33 – Dress with three colors

A modern dress that combines lines in pink, white and gray.

Dress with three colors

Photo: Crochet Dreamz

34 – Baby clothes with thick straps

Piece inspired by suspenders and created for newborns.

Baby clothes with thick straps

Photo: CrobyPatterns / Etsy

35 – Overalls / dress

The charm of this project is due to the daisies.

Jumpsuit / dress

Photo: Jennifer Lynas, Ravelry

36 – Babadinhos

A model with ruffles at the top and bottom.

Ruffled dress

Photo: Mon Petit Violon

37 – Blue jumpsuit

Babies from zero to two years old can wear this charming and stylish piece.

Blue jumpsuit

Photo: TheFireflyHook / Ravelry

38 -Watermelon dress

Fruits also inspire the universe of crochet, as is the case with this dress of watermelon.

Watermelon Dress

Photo: Lovable Loops Crochet Designs

39 – Yellow and orange

Cheerful dress combines shades of yellow and orange.

Dress combines yellow and orange

Photo: Ball, Hank n Skein

40 – Dress with fluid skirt

Here, the top of the dress has tightly closed stitches, while the bottom has a flowing skirt.

Pink dress with flowing skirt

H and Heart and Sole, Etsy

41 – Delicate coat

Light green and white: a perfect match for boys ‘and girls’ jackets.

Delicate coat

Photo: Etsy

42 -Monsters S.A

Movie characters serve as inspiration for a creative outfit

Monsters Clothing SA


With these inspirations for you to make crochet baby clothes, there is no excuse to be out of ideas! Now, separate your favorites and prepare the material to start your work.

If you like to crochet, you will love discovering more than 150 patterns and graphics crochet rug.


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