Children's event is the event in which the country was lost in the time of riding or cardiac. It is preferred to offer Saudi food to young children, do not worry. É possível escolher Saudi meals for anniversaries. Veja ago to seleção de opções that we prepare for you.

10 Tasty Dicas of Saudi Foods for Anniversary Festas

1 – Non-Copinho fruits

Credit: Just Real Moms

Do you know fruits, not stick? Here people can replace copinho hair. Uma ideia muito practical and fun.

The colorful copinhos of Tornam or Petisco Mais are attractive to the olhos das Crianças. Bet on amoras, grapes, morangos, mangas, mamão, mirtilos, kiwi and so many other delights that you promised to deix or cardiac and nutritious.

2 – Fria no Palito cake

Look for the favorite ingredients of criança and capriche na montagem da cake. Depois é só tiring and cracking not stick. Take care so that or stick has no fine ponta, ok?

This type of boat is very interesting in festivals made not see what days you want. Saudável and delicious!

A cold cake does not stick and you give Saudi food for anniversaries.

Credit: Tastemade

3 – Spaghetti

Or what about serving mini spaghetti na festa children? With molon bolonhesa or fresh picadinhos tomatoes, ele will be muito bem oleo invited hairs.

Credit: Mamãe Plugada

4 – Tomato Palitinho with Ovo de Codorna

Olha knew that these are palitinhos with tomatinho cereja, ovo de codorna and salsinha to decorate.

A ideia é fazer cogumelos as the ingredients and, among us, is great! As crianças são conquered visual hair, then certainty of success at the children's party.

Credit: Blog da Lebeh

5 – Cupcake Salgado de Cenoura

O bolinho é feito de cenoura e queijo parmesão. About ele, a cream cheese cover. Everyone invited you gostar, I tied the adults!

Credit: Mangia in Casa

6 – Jelly Bullet

Or I prepare the conventional jelly. Or trick é deixar mais durinha, to be food with me. How to get isso, mix jelly semi flavor à colorful jelly.

The cubinhos são are cut off soon and cold. Capriche nas cores and flavors.

Credit: Roteiro Baby

7 – Mini Hamburguer

Or that this hungry temper of tão especial? Você é quem escolhe or recheio, which must be saudável e gostoso.

No industrialized meat or excessive fatness. How about pressing lean morada meat tempered with sauce, salt-rose-do-Himalaia and a slight touch of pepper from the kingdom?

Or molho could be a catchup feito em casa ou uma pastinha à base of queijo branco.

Credit: Mamãe Plugada

8 – Chocolate Fruit Palitinho

Banana maria chocolate ao leite ou meio bitter e mergulhe um nele fruit stick. A casquinha vai ficar convidativa, and as children go to eat as frutinhas com agua na boca.

Credit: Sunday Recipes

9 – Bananinha com Chocolate

Banana with chocolate and keep from amendoim é uma desktop and so much. Almem of nutritious, vai ficar uma delícia!

Decorate with carinho a guloseima and dispose on a table. It will be difficult to spare some to tell history …

Credit: Thousand Dicas de Mãe

10 – Mel's Lollipop

Sachês de mel dão voltas in spiral and will be transformed into a lollipop! Uma ideia simples e que não dá nenhum trabalho de fazer.

Credit: Petit Design

Or what achou das dicas de saudáveis ​​meals for anniversary parties? Compartilhe!


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