Revelation tea is the new trend and creative way to reveal the sex of the baby

Have you ever heard of Revelation Tea?

Well, the idea came up in the USA and was very well received here in Brazil.

It is not a very different event from the traditional baby shower, however, it is a fun opportunity for everyone to know together baby s sex, including parents, turning the event into an exciting experience for everyone present.

In this post, I intend to gather ideas and suggestions for decorations, cakes, the moment of revelation, souvenirs, games and much more!

Let’s check it out?

The proposal

As parents will also know the sex of the baby only on the day of the event, they need to elect a trustworthy person which the doctor will tell “only” if she is a boy or a girl, and she will also be responsible for the entire organization of the Revelation Tea.

The cool thing about this idea is that the most interested parties (the parents) will have to face this anxiety until the day of the event, recovering a little of that expectation of old, where the parents only learned about the baby’s sex at the time of delivery.

There is also the option for parents to find out the sex of the baby on ultrasound, and on the day, the secret will be revealed only to family and friends. This option makes Mom more intimate with all the preparations for the event. The problem is to contain and not reveal the big news to anyone until the day of the event.

How to decorate

In this part the traditional colors blue and pink are used in addition to creativity.

Explore ties, mustaches, as well as drawings of boys and girls.

Revelation tea - Inspire your Party 1

By Edfaufestas

Revelation tea - Inspire your Party 2

By dona_deja_bolos

Revelation tea - Inspire your Party 3

By lorenalimaperes

Revelation tea - Inspire your Party 4

By Dm.decoracoes

Invitation Cards

The invitations have different models, but the priority is to keep the baby’s sex mystery.




Since neither you nor your guests know the sex of the baby, choose gifts with neutral colors and unisex.

You also have the option of asking for diapers, diaper ointments and baby wipes.


Personalized sweets are more successful at parties, such as, macaroons, cupcakes, decorated cookies, patterned sweets, among others.

If you choose non-edible souvenirs, try to do something with neutral colors, as your guests will take them home, and until then, as the souvenir will be exposed in the decoration, you will not be able to indicate the sex of the baby.

Or, personalize the souvenirs in the colors of the decor: blue and pink.






Source: Inspire Blog




Source: claudiahawkdesign


The games are about the mystery to be revealed, so set up two teams of people who think it is a boy and another who think it is a girl.

Place healthy and fun bets and at the end look at the group that won, forcing the other group to pay a โ€œmonkeyโ€ for example.

Particularly, I don’t like that game of guessing the present and being painted all over, and I prefer everyone to participate, including Dad and his friends.

So there are other cool games for everyone.

Click on this link that I selected some pretty cool ones.


Provide a blackboard for your guests to post their guesses about the sex of the baby.




Provide your guests with clothes made of paper and colorful clothespins to hang on the clothesline according to your guesses.


Source: So Female

Name Suggestion Pads

Source: Pinterest

Fun Signs

The signs are one of the ways to involve your guests, so that everyone can participate and feel comfortable.

Make several signs that allow you to express different opinions regarding the sex of the baby.


Source: Pinterest

Colorful juices

Make colored juices, and leave the straws in the colors of the decoration available to guests expressing their preference.


Source: Mommy Antenada

The revelation:

The moment of cutting the cake will be the time when the baby’s gender will be revealed.

The cake on the outside may be in the colors pink, blue and traction, or all white, or another neutral color that does not indicate the true sex of the baby prioritizing the mystery.

The inner part, yes, should be according to the baby’s gender (pink for girl and blue for boy)


Source: Pinterest (Photo: Disclosure)


Source: Pinterest (Photo: Disclosure)


Source: Pinterest (Photo: Disclosure)

Box with balloons

Leave somewhere in your preference or even in front of the table a cardboard box with balloons inside (preferably with helium gas) according to the baby’s true gender.

Upon opening the box, the balloons will fly out and the great and exciting secret will be revealed.



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