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When we think about preparing the birthday of a son, daughter or loved one, the first question that arises is what theme will inspire the party? What are the children’s party themes most wanted? What decoration to prepare for this special day? For some parents, this is an easy task because it is based on the birthday boy’s taste or his own preferences, however, many of them need help to make this decision and seek suggestions on websites and social networks. It may be a good start to take into account the age group of the birthday boy.

If the little one is celebrating one of his first years of life generally, the theme chosen will be the one preferred by the parents, but when they are older they end up interfering and collaborating in this decision because they already express their tastes and affinities with certain characters, toys, sports, among many others. And as the party will be specially prepared for the birthday boy, it is only fair to choose a theme that is based on your preferences, right?

When the parents themselves are the organizers of the event, the choice of the theme of the party must be well planned, as from this moment onwards the invitations, souvenirs, menu and decoration will be defined. In planning, it can be a good tip to put all the costs involved and check how easy it is to find in all the decoration items according to the desired theme, that way you can reserve the amount that will be spent and you will not run the risk of not finding all the items . The children’s birthdays, when held at children’s buffets, generally provide greater peace of mind for parents, who will be concerned with choosing the theme and preparing the list of guests, the rest will be all provided by the buffet itself. Regardless of the location of the party and how it will be organized, the most important thing is that the chosen theme is interactive with the children’s universe and that it can bring magic, enchantment, joy and lots of fun to the kids!

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What is the theme that will inspire your party?

We invite Ana Paula, administrator of the blog “Inspire your Party”, to participate in this article bringing us a lot of inspiration to help you choose the theme of your party.

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“In partnership with Assembly of Buffet we decided to write about a very interesting subject in this world of children’s parties -“ The most popular children’s party themes ”! It is certain that we have to worry about countless details in a children’s party, but above all, a of the biggest concerns is about the choice of the theme and its decoration, factors that draw a lot of attention at a party. In the first year, even in the second year, we all know that the party belongs to the parents, however, from the age of 3, the child who already demonstrates with more conviction his interests and preferences, and already begins to say how he would like to have your party, the friends you would like to invite and which character to use in the decoration. Therefore, I will list some of the most popular topics in 2013, according to my experience with the Facebook page and the Inspire Your Party blog. ” Ana Paula, Administrator of the blog “Inspire your Party”

“Inspire your Party” selected some of the most popular themes for children’s parties and separated the themes for girls and boys parties, shall we check?

Children’s Party Themes for Girls

Painted Chicken – the most beloved chicken in Brazil. It is a pleasant theme to work with, as it is very colorful, it has several characters and the children are extremely enchanted by this group.

Minnie – always a very popular topic and there is no way to fall in love with this beautiful mouse. There are 2 decoration options: Minnie Rosa or Minnie Vermelha. Both are extremely beautiful.

Monster Hight – a theme that is on the rise and reaches pre-teen audiences. They are girls and some boys from Monster High school. They are the daughters of notorious monsters from books and cinema, such as Count Dracula, Frankenstein, Medusa, Werewolves, Mummies, Zombies, among others. In the decoration, pink, lilac and black pink are used a lot, besides the skull symbol with pink bow.

Owls – a very prestigious theme, especially for a 1-year party. It is beautiful, delicate, charming, exploring the colors: baby pink, baby green, baby blue and baby yellow.

Princesses – it is a highly rated theme, and when parents do not opt ​​for the theme “Disney Princesses”, they opt for a specific one, such as Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. However, currently, the princess of the time is being the “Princess Merida” of the movie “Brave”. She was officially crowned princess by Disney this year and is drawing a lot of attention from our little princesses. Also mentioning Princess “Rapunzel” – from the movie “Tangled”, in addition to Princess “Tiana” – from the movie “Princess and the Frog” and “Princess Sofia”. In all, the decor is beautiful, full of magic, fantasy, shine, and in some you can even decorate with some animals such as squirrels, birds, bunnies, frogs and even mice. The girls are enchanted by this magical world, to the point of dressing up as Princesses to feel some of that magic! Nowadays too, some moms are preferring not to refer to this Disney world, choosing the theme simply “Princess”, where pink and gold are explored a lot, and the crown is used a lot as part of the decoration. Regardless of the choice, everyone is fascinating!


More themes: adventurous Dora, Birds, Strawberry Shortcake, Hello Kity, Carrosel, Fazendinha, Barbie among others.

Themes for children’s party: Boys

angry Birds – Fever, a completely addictive game, where many boys are choosing this theme for their birthday party. It is a very fun theme, and the predominant colors are: red, yellow, green and blue.

Patati Patatá – Charismatic, cheerful, outgoing, colorful clowns, in short, there’s no way a child won’t like it! And the decor is very nice, always very colorful, the atmosphere is very cheerful, that is, with a party face.

Avengers – this group of superheroes delight boys, aged around 4 years. The predominant colors can be a little bit of each character, but you also have the option to focus on the favorite character of the birthday boy.

Spider man – is always among the most requested, this superhero is always on the tip of the boys’ tongue. The predominant colors are: red and blue, and on the table, you can explore the buildings and many dolls.

Disney Planes – movie recently released by Disney, but is already being much sought after by moms of boys. As for the decoration, it has not been explored yet, due to the fact that it is new, but it tends to enter the list of more orders of 2013 by kids.


More themes: Batman, Justice League, Farm, Cars, Ben 10, Toy Story, and Football Teams…

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