How about betting on Galinha Pintadinha birthday decoration? This theme is very successful among children from 1 to 4 years old. Check out creative decoration ideas to make the party much more beautiful, cheerful and fun.

The “Galinha Pintadinha” is a series of musical DVDs that enchants children. The children's project became successful throughout Brazil and already has three volumes released.

The Pintadinha Chicken theme appeals to boys and girls. (Photo: Disclosure)

The success of Galinha Pintadinha has been so great that it has already become a children's birthday theme. The animation serves as inspiration to decorate mainly the parties of children under 3 years.

Pintadinha Chicken Party: what you need to know?

Before planning the Galinha Pintadinha birthday decoration, it is necessary to consider some fundamental information about the theme of the party. Look:


The main colors are light blue and yellow. The secondary ones are red, white, green and brown.


The polka dot print, also called poás, is perfect for the Galinha Pintadinha party. If the intention is to value a more rustic climate, then it is also worth working with white and red chess.

The pattern with poles has everything to do with the party. (Photo: Disclosure)


The main characters of the DVDs should appear in the decoration, such as Galinha Pintadinha, Pintinho, Galo Carijó, Baratinha, Sapo Cururu, Pombinha Branca, Indiozinhos, B Butterflyetinha and Mariana.

Galinha Pintadinha birthday decoration ideas

THE Galinha Pintadinha birthday decoration it has everything to be wonderful. Check out some ideas:

Main table

On a Provencal table, it is recommended to distribute the ornaments related to the theme. These pieces can be made of styrofoam, felt, resin, clay, MDF, among other materials. It is also interesting to use trays with a Provencal style to place the sweets, preferably with themed packaging.

The center of the main table must be reserved for the cake. The delicacy, when made with American paste, also becomes a powerful decorative element.

Decorated main table. (Photo: Disclosure)

The underside of the table can be decorated with a ruffle. Some people, however, prefer to decorate with elements that refer to the theme. In the case of Galinha Pintadinha, you can bet on pots with boxwood, a piece of tree trunk, baskets, hay, fence, flower arrangements from the field, among others. It is interesting to work with rustic items, that is, that refer to the farm climate.

The wall behind the main table is usually decorated with a panel, which can be canvas, cardboard, EVA or MDF. The outline of the panel, in turn, can be done with an arc of colored balloons or in the specific colors of the theme.

Guest table

The guest table can be lined with a blue towel with white polka dots. There are many possibilities for centerpieces, such as the nest with eggs, the arrangement of field flowers and the helium gas balloon.


How about surprising the guests with themed cupcakes? (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out some suggestions of souvenirs for the Chicken theme:

– Small boxes of customized eggs and sweets.

– Finger puppets made with felt.

– Ecological bag decorated with the Pintadinha Chicken.

– Tube with details in biscuit.

– Personalized cupcakes with the characters.

– Acrylic pot with biscuit details.

– Some souvenirs on the theme are easily found for sale, such as soap bubble, stickers and masks.

More inspirations for Galinha Pintadinha's birthday

See a selection of photos of Galinha Pintadinha's birthday:

What's up? What did you think of the ideas of Galinha Pintadinha birthday decoration? Leave a comment with your opinion. If you have another tip to decorate the party, comment too.


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