To celebrate the baby’s growth, nothing better than registering every month, isn’t it? With that in mind, monthly celebrations have gained popularity. Then, there are several types of theme, sweets and the mesversary cake.

In addition to the celebration itself, the funniest part of the session is choosing a different theme every month. Here you will not run out of ideas for those moments.

Mesversário Cake: 30 inspirations for your party

One of the sensations of the mesversário is to dress the birthday boy according to the proposal of the celebration. So, if the theme is Turma do Chaves, the baby can come with the clothes of Chiquinha, Quico or the series’ own protagonist. Holiday dates also serve as inspiration, as is the case with Easter and Christmas.

So, here’s how to assemble a creative cross cake. For sure, this fun will yield beautiful photos to remember the development of your little one. Follow!

1- Love rain mesversary cake

THE love rain theme it is very graceful and can be used in mesversário. The pastel color chart makes this cake much more delicate.

Love rain shower cake

2- Magali Cake

For this idea just use the traditional colors of a Magali party. To complement, decorate with the character and her friends.

Magali Cake

3- Glam cake

This cake inspiration for mesversário is very glamorous, don’t you think?

Glam cake

4- Watermelon theme

If your little one loves watermelon or you want to vary the theme of Magali, this idea will be wonderful.

Watermelon theme

5- Baby Shark Cake

THE Baby Shark and the bottom of the sea are also incredible inspirations for your parties.

Baby Shark Cake

6- Baby bee

Imagine this cake matching your daughter or son dressed as a bee? It yields a beautiful photo shoot. Bet on a cake topper for themed gifts and delight everyone.

Baby bee

7- Ballerina mesversary cake

If the mother is a dancer, this theme will be perfect for the celebration of another month in the life of your little one.

Ballerina mesversary cake

8- Unicorn theme

THE unicorn themed party always refers to purity and delicacy. So it is a wonderful tip for the mesversário.

Unicorn theme

9- Teddy bear cake

This idea is great for both boys and girls. To personalize, just ask the confectionery to change the colors.

Teddy bear cake

10- Peppa Pig Theme

The character Peppa Pig it is also very popular in the children’s world. So, you can bring that concept to the party.

Peppa Pig Theme

11- Minnie Mouse

The little red-loving mouse is one of the most adored party themes.

Minnie Mouse

12- Different format

How about making an 8-month cake with this shape? The same goes for other celebrations.

Different format

13- Baby on the beach

For this theme, you can dress your baby up in swimsuits. Parents can also follow the same idea.

Baby on the beach

14- Jungle Theme

Nothing better than a powerful lion to decorate the jungle theme in a mesversário.

Jungle Theme

15- Full of cuteness

This inspiration brings a lot of delicacy to your party. In addition, you can save the photo and ask to change the colors to your liking.

Full of cuteness

16- Easter

One of the months of the celebration year will fall on Easter. So, separate this idea.

Easter Crossover Cake

17- Baby Moana

This Disney princess is very adventurous. So if your little one likes to get ready, this theme is perfect.

Baby Moana

18- Lion cake

You can make your lion more delicate by combining bows and pink.

Lion cake

19- Easter Theme

Here is an inspiration for a cross-dressing cake for boys at this tasty time of year.

Easter theme

20- Honey bee

The bee is one of the most used themes for children’s parties. So, take advantage of this idea and already prepare your baby bee.

Honey bee

21- Superhero theme

In this inspiration you can honor four heroes dear to children. A variation of this cake is the Avengers theme. It is a good option for a boy’s mesversary cake.

Superhero Theme

22- Forest cake

How about decorating your cake with various animals from the forest? This is a different theme and with several options for decoration.

Forest cake

23- Peppa Pig mesversário

The interesting thing about a mesversary is that you can have the same party theme, but it is possible to create cakes and a unique decoration for each celebration.

Peppa Pig

24- Carnival theme

At the time of revelry, nothing better than a special carnival cake for your daughter, right?

Carnival theme

25- Street block

Here is a variation of cake for boys to celebrate Carnival too! As this party is very colorful, the theme is great for boys or girls.

Street Block

26- Sleeping bear

This mesversary baby cake with a bear sleeping on the moon is very cute. For sure, your party will gain much more charm.

Sleeping teddy bear

27- Little wonder

Little Wonder

How about a baby Wonder Woman as the subject of your mesversário? This cake is a way to include heroines at parties too.

28- Shark cake

Shark cake

The shark is a theme that became popular in the children’s universe. So this is an inspiration for another month of your baby.

29- Batman’s crossover

Batman's crossover

THE Batman decoration it’s more of a hero idea to celebrate your mesversário in style.

30- Captain America Cake

In this cake you can play with the word “captain” and put your child’s name on the topper.

Captain America Cake

31 – Snow White

The Disney princess serves as inspiration to make a simple mesversion cake, in yellow, red and blue colors.

snow White

32 – June party

In June, celebrate another month of your child’s life with a themed cake. At the top of this delight is a fire set up with Kit Kat.

June Party Feast

33 – Naked romantic cake

A naked cake with shades of pink in the dough celebrates the five months of a beautiful girl. It is a great option for the month of Valentine’s Day.

Naked romantic cake

34 – Spring

The seasons also serve as inspiration for monthly parties, such as spring. In September, celebrate with a cake filled with flowers.

Spring cake

35 – Christmas

In December, the celebration can be inspired by Christmas. Look how amazing this model of merversário cake with American paste.

Christmas cake

36 – Transportation

For the male mesversário, the transportation theme is a good theme idea. The cake calls for a decoration with cars, buses and traffic signs.

Transport cake

37 – First tooth

You can make a cake inspired by some remarkable event, like the birth of the first tooth.

First tooth cake

Now that you have several ideas for your decorated birthday cake, write down your 12 favorites to celebrate your little one’s first year of life.

Are you already preparing your celebration? So, also check out tips for menu for children’s party in the afternoon.


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