The souvenirs have the role of eternalizing the event in the minds of the guests. Among so many options, it is worth highlighting the surprise bag, which contains sweets and toys that please children.

The surprise bag is more than a pleasant memory. It allows each guest to take home a small piece of the party. But do you know how to put together this kind of special treat?

How to make surprise bag?

Small bags arranged on a wooden staircase

As the name implies, the surprise bag must fulfill the role of surprising guests. Therefore, it is recommended that the packaging is not transparent and has a visual identity according to the proposal of the party.

The choice of packaging

Different materials can be used to make the bags with treats, such as kraft paper, fabric, jute, felt and TNT. You buy the ready packaging in the color you prefer and personalize it later, according to the birthday theme chosen by the child.

Items to put in the bag

If you are going to create a bag with sweets, then it is worth including:

  • Bullets
  • Candy
  • Chocolate Coins
  • Bubble gum
  • Candy in the jar
  • Peanut candy
  • Girl foot
  • Sweet popcorn

Children are very fond of treats, but that alone is not enough. It is also important to include some toys in the mimo. The suggestions are:

  • Mini flashlight
  • Crazy spring
  • Bladder for water
  • Soapbubble
  • Crystal Ring
  • Whistle
  • Mother in law tongue
  • Trolleys
  • Aquaplay

Surprises can be school supplies. If this is the bag’s proposal, buy the following items:

  • Crayons
  • Pencil
  • Painting notebook
  • Colorful marker
  • Case
  • Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Rubber

Suitability to the theme

It is very important to align the content of the surprise bag with the theme of the party. If possible, order candies and other treats with customized packaging. Also, choose toys that have to do with the theme.

The pirate-themed bag, for example, asks for an eye patch and chocolate coins, just like the circus theme requires a clown nose. Be creative!

Inspirations for surprise gift bag

There are surprise bags for all tastes. To help those without ideas, we have selected easy options to do at home. Check out:

1 – Minimalist

Minimalist surprise bag

Photo: Jane Means

A minimalist packaging with brown paper bag, which combines with different themes. The finish was done with orange ribbon and pompoms of the same color.

2 – Enchanted garden

Surprise bag Enchanted garden

Photo: Pinterest

To enhance the theme enchanted Garden, the bag was decorated with a small and delicate paper butterfly.

3 – Snow White

Snow White Surprise Bag

Photo: Enjoei

The packaging was inspired by the Disney princess dress. A simple, creative idea that can be done with colored paper.

4 – Minnie and Mickey

Mickey and Minnie surprise bag

Photo: Personalized Parties Plus

Paper bags inspired by the characters Mickey and Minnie celebrate the one year anniversary.

5 – Mermaid

Personalized mermaid party bag

Photo: Creative Party Studio

With water green and purple paper, you personalize each brown bag with the body of a Mermaid.

6 – Sinner

Surprise bag with fisherman theme

Photo: Fun365

Each small fisherman takes home this surprise bag, made with blue cardboard. On the outside of the packaging, there is a plush fish to play with.

7 – Ice cream

Surprise bag decorated with ice cream

Photo: Fun365

Green and pink pompoms were glued on the packaging to simulate scoops of ice cream. It is impossible not to fall in love with the simple and minimalist idea.

8 – Balloon

Surprise bag with hanging balloon

Photo: Tara H

Each brown paper bag received a helium balloon. Thus, the souvenirs collaborate with the decoration of the party and make the environment more colorful.

9 – Sunflower

Surprise bag with sunflower theme

Photo: Goalbuster

Inside each bag is a yellow tissue paper. The external part was hand painted with delicacy, valuing the beauty of the flower that inspires the party.

10 – Rainbow

Rainbow themed surprise bag

Photo: Catch My Party

The white cloud has satin ribbons hanging in the colors of the rainbow.

11 – Donuts

Surprise bag decorated with Donuts

Photo: Fun365

With circles of colored cardboard, you decorate the outside of each bag with a fun donut. Finishing is done by the plastic buttons.

12 – Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Surprise Bag

Photo: The Cottage Market

Easter also inspires creative bags, as is the case with this packaging made with kraft paper and cotton.

13 – Unicorn

Unicorn surprise bag

Photo: Etsy

A simple white bag took on the features of a unicorn, golden horn and flower appliqué. Another detail of the project is the pink tissue paper on the inside.

14 – Dinosaur

Dinosaur Surprise Bags

Photo: Pinterest

The green paper bags were adorned with masks of dinosaurs, made with EVA.

15 – Harry Potter

Harry Potter surprise bag

Photo: HappyShappy

A minimalist design of the character adorns the surprise birthday bag.

16 – Shark

Surprise Shark Sachet

Photo: Love The Day

How about these bags of goodies inspired by the figure of the shark?

17 – Weather vane

Surprise pinwheel sachet

Photo: Love The Day

The white packaging with blue polka dots matches the pink pinwheel.

18 – Lego

Lego Surprise Bag


Each paper bag simulates a Lego piece. The details are made with EVA circles.

19 – Recyclable

Bag made of cardboard and scraps


The DIY project reuses cardboard of fabric scraps, two items that would be thrown in the trash.

20 – Halloween

Surprise halloween bag

Photo: Rina Watt Blogger

If the theme of the party is Halloween, each child can take home a broom full of treats.

21 -Semaphore

Traffic light surprise bag

Photo: Ana Jacqueline

A simple and creative suggestion for parties inspired by the transport theme. You just need to paste red, green and yellow circles in a little black bag.

22 – Watermelon

Surprise Watermelon Bag

Photo: FaveCrafts

The fabric bag was customized with the painting of a piece of watermelon. It is a good idea for Magali themed party.

23 – Delicacy

Delicate surprise bag

Photo: Mother mallets

The lacy paper napkin is often used for invitations, but it can also decorate souvenir packages.

24 -Minecraft

Minecraft surprise bag

Photo: Pretty My Party

The game Minecraft is successful among boys. How about taking inspiration from TNT to make the surprise bags?

25 – Ballerina

Surprise Ballerina Bag

Photo: Thousand Mother’s Tips

The ballerina-themed birthday party featured bags decorated with pink tulle, which simulates the classic tutu skirt.

26 – Minions

Minions Felt Surprise Bag

Photo: Pinterest

Make personalized felt bags at home. This material is very versatile and allows you to create incredible pieces.

27 – Rustic

Surprise jute bag

Photo: Pinterest

At the Sheriff-themed party, the jute bag made the party favors more enchanting. The material is also suitable for themes that refer to the rustic style, such as the party with Farm theme.

28 – Elegant and minimalist

Surprise bag with transparent balloon

Photo: ElegantWeddingInvites

Each kraft paper bag is accompanied by a transparent balloon. This idea can be adapted to different themes.

29 – Pirate

Kraft paper gift bag with drawn treasure map

Photo: Etsy

The Pirate party bag has the treasure map drawn on the packaging with a black pen. The closing is done with a small fastener.

30 – Super Mario

Super Mario surprise bag

Photo: Pinterest

The clothes of the characters Mario and Luigi inspired the making of the packaging. In that bag, don’t forget to add lots of chocolate coins.

31 – Glitter

Surprise bag with glitter

Photo: Dream a Little Bigger

Themes that involve glamor and shine ask for personalized bags with glitter.

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