We had a bad time. It’s clear. This pandemic pandemic has left us all touched, some with great sequels, others having passed very dramatic situations (heartache that has not occurred to you), in short, it has not been good for nadie.

I trust you: my first reaction was really bad, and after a few days in confinement, my second reaction was… blooming.

But no, aaah no, the third reaction is very different! Once I wanted and bloomed everything that I had to want and bloom, let me observe with attention: my clients (you guys!) Are giving me a lesson that I never forget. Because there are some people who want us and llorábamos because everything makes us feel sorry, others are left behind and they are happy to cheer the world around them.

It was amazing! I will never forget much before the Aire de Fiesta, indeed, I never felt much that was worth my work over this confinement.

My clients, people like you and I, of course, have it clear. Hicieron how much was in his hand for cheering his families who were enjoying it, for cheering his vecinos from the balconies so that he could stay in the decay, for having señales to his loved ones from the windshield so that they could come together , there with all your love.

I would like to give a special thanks to:

* CRISTINA: knowing that his family was going through a sad situation, I organized a party in the moments of greatest confinement, as well as only his family members (5 people), more than 35 people online. To decorate their whole house with globes, guinea pigs and family photos, they could make a toast every time I was able. I am sure that your family will never forget this party, much less the love that has shown them. Sometimes it seems small. At least in those moments it seemed to me an authentic lesson of life.

* ELISA: whoever had a nieta in full confinement, even though I could know at the time of their birth, given that I couldn’t accompany their hospital to their home. Elisa, instead of regretting the reaction, gave us some precious things to put on her balcony party and joy and I could see your daughter walking with the coach on the way to your little house in arms. Menuda injection of joy after feeling your love when I passed through this counter and saw your mother saluting and making jumps, surrounded by globes and flips! I couldn’t hug her mother, I couldn’t get her baby around, but I could feel all the heat, the energy and the support of this wonderful girl with energy and illusion for her. I imagine myself going through with the coach, bursting with joy and pity … I’m sure you deserve it!

*LUÍS: who dedicates himself to animate tourists by organizing flamenco events of enormous quality throughout Spain and since it was declared that the confinement could not work on his own, and instead of being depressed, of despairing about the lack of work, of indignation with the the situation, we ask you each week to decorate your balcony with a different theme and liven up your whole life with your guitars, your song and your joy of living. I want the hat without a hat! I think I think a lot, but a lot, a lot.

I could follow that with all of the customers that have been able to survive this pandemic despite the hard times that have passed through our company and their graciousness one by one. Because behind every customer there is a story to tell and what deserves to be celebrated and shared. And yo, I can’t thank you for the lesson you’ve given me.

Y, if anyone thought that what we hacked at Aire de Fiesta was superfluous, that my work was of little importance in the day of the people, that celebrating a party when other people were not fair … now it is understood that, in the only it’s fair, it’s important and very necessary and my work has a lot of sense and reason to be.

So my third reaction is this: to continue to profit from all my efforts by keeping the mood high and bringing joy to all the rincones that are possible for us.

This is not about selling fiesta products. It’s about making the world happy.

Many thanks for being there, for reflecting with me, and for thinking, and how you are going to bring your arena granite…

Because, if you are and you are also misión: ¡TÚ ALEGRAS EL MUNDO!

Fdo. Lucia Uría Director of Aire de Fiesta