I did an Instagram story about birthday boy’s name on useful souvenir and surrendered! I received several messages.

So shall we talk about it?

I am of the following opinion, and okay if you disagree! 😉

When the party souvenir is useful, that is, the guests get a backpack, case, necessaire, t-shirt, bottle and etc, avoid put the birthday boy’s name directly on the souvenir.

This because, when the child will use it during a walk, trip or even take it to school, the name that will be on the souvenir does not match the name of the child that will be using, and some may even be shy to use it, that is, the souvenir that was supposed to be useful is no longer!

So what’s the solution? Do one thank you tag and put a ribbon on the souvenir, depending on the souvenir, you can put it in a bag, on a transparent paper and put the tag.

Thus, the child will remove the tag and use the useful souvenir only with the party print, without the name of the birthday boy.

I do it at my children’s parties, and I can say that a simple thank you tag looks beautiful.

And you? How do you usually do it? Do you share the same opinion as mine? Have you ever been in an unpleasant situation due to the name on the useful souvenir?
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