Do you think saving a birthday decoration is difficult? With the following tips, I assure you that you will make an economic and decorative event

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Save on a birthday decoration, it can be something difficult but not impossible. Even if you go hand in hand with some items that you should not buy (as extras) it is quite likely that you will save on everything, following the following tips and ideas to avoid making large expenses for this party … but, at the same time, it is great.

A birthday at home!

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Long live the house! Nothing happens because you can't go anywhere, at home you are scared, the kitchen is close, the bathroom is next And if you have a terrace it is perfect to go out at some moments of the party. If you can't spend a lot of money, having the birthday party at home is a great alternative.

What you can keep in mind is mold the entire event to an indoor space. This means that you have to distribute well the furniture, tables and extra seats that you have to put (according to the guests) Try, that the place is beautiful, pleasant and functional not to trip over everything (and more when it is a children's birthday)

How many guests will attend?

This topic is very important … since according to the guests attending the birthday you can save more or lesss. A great idea is to adjust the list to those people who know that they are really going to enjoy the birthday party in all its splendor. Invite loved ones that really get involved and willingly go.

Do not feel guilty for those guests who cannot be invited, because if you are looking to save on expenses you cannot invite everyone. It is better that it is an intimate and family party or with great friends, than a party full of people who would not enter into your most intimate circles … do not invite to invite!

A very simple menu!

First, I leave you a great video where they teach how to make a delicious dessert For the sweetest of the house! The point is that the ingredients are more or less economical and with a small amount many small desserts are achieved. This delicious recipe is quick and economical to makeIt is not a cake (which should never be missing on a birthday) but it is a good dessert solution for guests. As a final note, I recommend serving it in glasses and cold.

Think that the menu that you are going to offer to your guests can be of the most varied And it doesn't have to be expensive. Simply, go for more traditional or homemade things and don't buy so much. If you want to serve something warm, you can think of dishes that yield and are easy to prepare at home.

Think of something that most people like as it is a Homemade dumplings or a large lasagna. You can also make potato omelette, which you always like and add some salad and bread. Surely everyone is delighted … even with the final dessert.

Finally, in addition to recommending that do not go to expensive brands when buying food or drink and that everything is as homemade as possible … I tell you what you can also do, yourself the birthday cake. If you're not too good, order the cake from a cake shop.

As a last tip, I recommend that if you have good friends and want to invite more people … offers the possibility for everyone to bring something to eat It can be what they want! And, among favorite dishes, create a table as if it were a buffet.

Have fun at home

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You can have fun at home in a thousand different ways. Of course, keep in mind who the birthday is going to be and how old it is. If your son is older, I don't think he loves you dressing up as a clown… instead, if your son is a little boy, you have many possibilities to have costume parties or create a homemade variety show.

It's a great idea, charge your phone to the plug and add all the songs you like best and dance until you can not anymore. If it's a children's birthday, you can play fun music for children and sing and play with them.

As the party can not miss and surely the party is animated with so many colors, The food and music party will be a success. You can even propose more classic games such as musical chairs or the English hideout.

But if you are going to celebrate a birthday for teenagers or adults, it is a great idea to connect karaoke at home. If you don't have microphones, just look for a song on youtube with lyrics and keep up with everyone

Classic or other more modern games are great activities so that the party does not decline. The crafts, ideal for the little ones, will keep them busy … you can make a great wall, made of cardboard or paper. This way, children will have a lot of fun.

Prepare the show yourself!

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You don't need to hire a professional. Between your family and the guests, you can achieve homemade variety shows. Everyone can do what they like and what they do best. Magic shows, funny numbers, jokes, telling anecdotes … Really, this is good for both young and old, take out that fun child you have inside!

Another idea is buy face paint and thus be able to paint all the children who attend the party. Adults can also create funny masks. What do you think?

Online invitations No paper!

If you want to optimize expenses, what is the technology for? Create great invitations with programs similar to the well-known Photoshop file and then send them to all the people you want to attend the party.

Think that paper invitations are fine … but they cost money. Even if you do them yourself … then, when you print and send them in the end something else goes out of the account. In this way, it is a great idea to send them by mail. To give you an idea, here is a video of how to create a beautiful card or invitation for birthdays, isn't it?

As you see, There are many ways to economize at a birthday party. So home and recycling up, remember old games and movies and create fun situations at home. This year you will have a great time! What do you think to save on the decoration of a party?

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