Quem disse that you need to hire a decorator of festas infantis? Você mesma can organize a nice um Anniversary with Pocoyo theme. We gather ideas for table, bolus, lembrancinhas, painel, occahas, balls, mobile and etc. Go ahead and follow melhores inspirações for a beautiful children's anniversary.

On this theme Pocoyo is super colorful. (Photo: Divulgação)

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Dicas for anniversary celebration with Pocoyo theme

For what ainda does not know, Pocoyo é uma animção espanhola that fe fe fe um verdadeiro successso among the children not world everything. It is a lively theme of simple themes that reminds mute to savvy years of nossa epoch, with colorful personagens muito friendly and cheerful.

Aniversário com theme Pocoyo é perfeito for 5 years old childrens festivities.

O main personagem um garotinho who is always with a blue roupa. Elem as friends or Duck, a cadela chamada Lola, an elephant Elly, a pássaro chamado Sonequita who is always com sono and accompanied by seu filhote.

The theme of the Pocoyo anniversary is because eleis unissex, serve for anniversaries of meninas and meninos, or both.


As cores do desenho animado são bem varied, or that facilitates muito na time to assemble decoração da festa de anniversário. You can use cadeiras, tables and other móveis em basic cores like or branco and vary or remainder decorating nas predominant cores that são or blue, green, pink, amarelo e vermelho.

Use and abuse cores. (Photo: Divulgação)

Bolus table

A table do bolo é um two itens principais de uma festa de anniversário. It is also part of the fact that the most attention is the most in sight. É o stand out, that is why it requires more care and work.

At the same time, table decorations by Bolus do not use any more of them. But, to be preferred, escort one day to the tonality of blue of the main theme, or branca, so that the details are exceeded.

Organize a table by sessões and assymmetric. On one side docinhos in trays, in forminhas with blue, pink or green cores. Or another side you can use to place cupcakes, marshmallow or lollipop spits. Be aware of how to use the topic.

Or bolo é um dos principalis da table, preferably to follow also cores branca, blue, pink and love it, as personagens. Or, ideally, bowling with American pasta, muitas confeiteiras get even shapes to personagens do Pocoyo, fica um charme!

Painel and balls

A decoração perto da table do bolo fica complete with a pain that you can use as a theme of Pocoyo. Em volta faça um arc of blowing balls with the cores of the subject, such as branco e azul, branco e rosa, for example.

Colorful bandeirolas will also give you a special charme and can be placed not in the place of painel or entourage at the main table, just like charme.


A preferred part of crianças são as lembrancinhas e são muitas opções:

  1. Pots with colorful amêndoas bullets
  2. Marshmallow Espetinhos nas cores principais
  3. Biscoitos decorated with Pocoyo theme
  4. Custom Caixinhas with bullets and doces
  5. Potinhos com brigadeiros de colher com adesivos do Pocoyo
  6. Paint kit with wax pencils and revistinha do Pocoyo
  7. Personalized praia brinquedo baldinho
  8. Custom squeezie

Two tables invited

Or, ideally, that all of you move around the year as Pocoyo sejam brancos. Assim, você fica à vontade to use as other cores through two enfeites. Isso is also worth for two tables invited.

At the decoration of each table two guests can be feita with a glass and um balão.

+ Ideias to decorate children's party Pocoyo

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