Is this fun event approaching? Find a decoration of fun colors and great details. Children's birthday posters are essential.

happy birthday - children's birthday posters
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Children's birthday posters are one of the focus of attention at any party Where you place them. In this case, those made in foami or with colored markers are especially good for children's parties. To help you a little and get inspired, here are some videos with examples and tutorials to follow. What do you think?

Examples of children's birthday posters In foami!

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I propose, a video with Great examples of posters made in foami. This type of material is great for crafts. You can get it in soft, soft and easy to fold sheets. In addition, these sheets (thicker than felt) can be chosen in a wide range of colors.

The foami is simple to manipulate since it can be cut, pasted and even sewn. You can also paint on it and create thousands of great compositions. In this case, you can draw the letters in foami and then cut them out. Paste the letters on a beautiful surface or decorate with them together. You take the decoration! Meanwhile, I leave this video with examples of posters for children's birthdays.

How to make embossed letters to use on posters!

3D or embossed letters are relatively easy to make and they are spectacular! If you do not know how to make 3D letters, here is a great tutorial where you will learn step by step, how it is done. Once learned the technique creates as many letters as you want, making a beautiful poster for birthdays.

On this occasion, in the example of children's birthday posters, The letter is made of cardboard … although it can be made of other materials, I think this is the best you can choose. When you have the letter, you can decorate it as you want for example with paint, with cloth, various beads …

Double or bubble letters! Do you know how to make them?

If you prefer to make a poster for birthday, handmade, here I leave you how to make beautiful bubble letters or “chubby” If you want a more traditional poster, go ahead and draw the birthday boy's name and create a fantastic lettering in the color you like best.

If you are not a very good cartoonist, Here are the steps to create bubble letters, I hope you like them and know how to integrate them into the birthday poster. Once marked with black marker and well drawn, you can decorate them inside with paint or even paste glitter to make them bright.

Finally, I tell you that you can take this typeface to another material other than paper (which is what you see in the video) Both felt, foami, cardboard or even a beautiful wooden sign … choose the material you like best and plasma this or other letters What do you think?

A poster made of decorated letters

In this video, You will see the steps to follow to decorate a letter made in cardboard. With the technique that you have seen in previous points, you can create these types of letters and then decorate them in different ways. Although, you can also buy a letter already made and decorate it to your liking.

This video, He offers you an example of how a well-decorated 3d letter can look. But, the important thing is your imagination and that you apply colors that combine well with the birthday party. Remember, your imagination should have no limits … you can play with all kinds of items, beads, fabrics …

A great technique, which takes a lot in different types of decorations, is called Scrapbooking. This one consists of Paste all kinds of cuts on a surface. With a little acrylic paint, decorating the 3D letters of the children's birthday posters will be beautiful.

Poster made with foami balloons Give color to the party!

In this case, the balloons have been drawn on different foami leaves. As I told you In previous points, this material is very nice to work with in different types of crafts. On this occasion, the sign consists of a series of balloons (each with a letter) that together form a nice poster.

You can draw the balloons with a black marker on the foami. Directly trim and add the letter inside or backwards. Join all the letters with a string or with a pretty bow, as a garland and you will see how precious it is.

To be honest, there are many possibilities to create very nice happy birthday signs, funny, romantic, funny and many different styles. Particularly, for children's parties I like more pastel touches with some brushstrokes in more vibrant tones, in this way you will get the contrast you want.

The idea of ​​creating a sign using a wooden board attracts me a lot. Wood can be painted the color you want or use its original shade. On the letters, with a black marker and some paint, you can put them quietly on the board. You can even use templates to make the letter perfect.

But, if you prefer a full color party, you can use materials such as colored fabrics, the popular foami or the felt for dressing. Depending on whether the birthday is for a boy or girl, include something you like on the poster. For example, if your daughter likes butterflies … you can create a poster and place beads with this shape or paint them freehand.

On the other hand, if your child loves sports or has his favorite character (say Batman who is my favorite superhero) you can add some bats and their badge. The truth is that the party will be great if, in addition, you disguise the smallest of the house.

For the rest, I hope you like these ideas as much as I do. You already know that you can perform them even better and with different finishes. They are great decorative proposals, for the birthday of the little ones. What do you think?

What are the happy birthday signs you like best? What other proposals would you add? When is your child's birthday?

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