Decorating a party is essential for an even more fun event, as are the little treats that are distributed to guests at the end of the event. Children's birthday favors can be priced higher in the market, but these items can be made at home. Just have creativity!

So today we bring you a story that will help you create various giveaways for your son's birthday through a few step-by-step videos. In addition, we have also selected dozens of simple children's birthday party suggestions, made with EVA, felt or whatever your imagination allows!

80 children's birthday party favors to copy

Here are some ideas for kids' birthday gifts that are practical to do at home and don't require much investment:

1. Make the party theme-inspired treat


2. Like this one of Pintadinha Chicken

Juliana Mota

3. Frozen

Due Creative Studio

4. Minnie

Tiquinho de Mim

5. Snoopy and Charlie Brown

Nina Bisou

6. Magali of Monica's Gang

Perfect love

7. Or Spiderman

Jessica Salles

8. Besides doing at home

Nina Bisou

9. You can also choose to buy the souvenirs

Buy on Elo7

10. Being an alternative for those with a shorter term

Personalized with Art

11. Create delicate 1 year birthday party favors

Aline Barreto

12. This treat is marked by luxury and elegance!

Atelier I Who Did

13. Create Authentic Pampering

Paper Charm

14. Like this piggy bank with chocolate coins

Corner of Remembrance

15. Charming Frozen Kids Birthday Souvenirs

Rapozza Custom

16. This treat is characterized by its delicacy.

Workshop Scoring Scrap

17. Just like this other

Paper Charm

18. Enter birthday name on toast


19. Just like the celebrated age!

Aninha Balinhas

20. Pampering materials can be easily found in stationery stores.

Paper girl

21. Or at party decoration stores

Lady Art Personalized

22. But you can buy something personalized and ready too

Buy at Valentina Lembrancinhas

23. Make or get a treat according to the theme of the party

Custom Carolina

24. Isn't these children's birthday favors delicate?

Workshop Scoring Scrap

25. Make use of biscuit to make gifts

Rafaelle Rezende

26. And for the details, make use of ink

Criete360 By Annamari

27. Laura's Enchanted Garden Pampering

Aline Custom

28. Fill the Toast with Sweets, Cookies or Cookies

Carla Rezende

29. We guarantee that everyone will love!

Lyn Rodrigues

30. You can also buy custom treats

Buy on Elo7

31. Just do a good research about the company.


32. To avoid delivery errors

Paper Charm

33. Use various materials to produce the model.

Fran Biscuit

34. With very affordable and low prices

It's Not Just a Souvenir

35. Like this beautiful EVA birthday gift

Roselyn Concepcion

36. Or this simple felt made of felt


37. In addition to making use of recycled materials

Lopes Atelier

38. Like this one made with milk cans

Gi Creations

39. Just have creativity!

Lelêu Arts

40. Succulents also serve as a toast


41. Party favors will make the party even more amazing

Luxury Custom

42. The Delicacy of Enchanted Garden Souvenirs

Cool Party Custom

43. You can create simple children's birthday party favors


44. How does this can

TZSCRAP Creative Stationery

45. Or this felt keychain

Saminina Felt

46. ​​Or it can produce something more elaborate

My Custom Studio

47. How is this beautiful box

TZSCRAP Creative Stationery

48. Centerpieces can be great children's birthday party favors

Enchanted Planet Decor Fest

49. The kids will love this treat!

Custom Carolina

50. Get these little boxes that are cute!

Buy on Elo7

51. For Boys, Spider-Man Children's Birthday Souvenirs

Nina Who Creates

52. Or the Justice League heroes!

Manya Party Decorations

53. What about this amazing and complete kit for kids?

Custom Ants

54. Handbags for guests and guests!

Feast of Favors

55. Finish the Models with Satin Ribbons

Juliana Souza

56. Or small appliques such as pebbles, beads or pearls

Workshop Scoring Scrap

57. To finish the item with exquisite and charm

Lívia Artes Studio

58. Memory game as a treat for little ones

Kika Design

59. Chicken Pintadinha is the protagonist of these children's birthday favors

Gabi Aguiar Custom

60. Pampering is a must for a birthday party.

Daniela Ventanila

61. They are the ones who mark the party.

Mig and Art

62. And bring great memories of this celebration

Mily arts

63. Surprise your guests with impeccable decor.

Atelier Mariarts

64. And a children's birthday gift made by you!

Decorartes Events

65. How about buying some custom pillows?

Buy on Analu Custom

66. Boxes as Sonic Children's Birthday Souvenirs


67. Decorate the cake table with pampering

Bella Party Studio

68. Milk carton was used to create this beautiful toast.

Dandelion Aroma and Art

69. This was a can of milk that was turned into a beautiful treat

Marcia Melo Galdini

70. How about an educational souvenir?

Celebrate the party

71. Graceful Minnie Children's Birthday Souvenirs

Recycle Impressions

72. Shall we slime?

Cherry Stuff

73. Support for encore!

Gabi Iglesias Workshop

74. Bee is the theme of Juliana's party

Lívia Artes Studio

75. Simple is not synonymous with bland or ugly!

Lu Russo Arts

76. Lady Bug-inspired children's birthday favors

Atelier Raquel Faria

77. Be creative and let your imagination flow

Miricelli Cesario

78. Crochet can also be a nice children's gift!

My Crochezinho

79. And who doesn't like modeling clay?

Dona Maroca

80. Create various party favors to suit all tastes!

Greyce Invitations and Pampering

Amazing ideas, no? Now that you are inspired by so many suggestions, here are some step-by-step videos that will teach you how to make charming pampering to guests without much investment!

How to Make Children's Birthday Party Favors

The following step-by-step videos are ideal for those looking to save a little more or invest more money in the decorative part of the party. Here are five dedicated tutorials for those who choose to get their hands dirty. Come on?

Children's Birthday Favors with Popsicle Stick

How about making a little box as a birthday gift using popsicle sticks? In addition to looking very cute, you can also insert a small applique inspired by the theme of the party, such as a crown or even a symbol of some character.

Little Prince Child Birthday Favors

Some say that the best part about being creative or making crafts is being able to reuse materials that would be thrown away. So we selected this step-by-step video that teaches you how to make a milk carton treat that is inspired by the Little Prince.

Kids Birthday Favors with Recycled Material

Taking advantage of the previous video, check out this tutorial that also makes use of recycled material and, this time, with the toilet paper roll as protagonist. Requiring little investment and a lot of creativity, these two giveaways were inspired by Minnie and the Pintadinha Chicken.

Royalty Children's Birthday Favors

Learn how to make a delicate and charming basket to fill other little treats. This kids birthday gift is made of EVA and requires other affordable materials such as hot glue, pearls and a feather that will make the piece flawless!

Unicorn Birthday Favors

This step-by-step video features a number of unicorn-inspired children's birthday party ideas that are a hit with the shorties! The tutorials are practical and well explanatory, and do not require much skill in handwork.

Keep alive the tradition of thanking your guests with a little treat! Now that you've watched the videos step-by-step and still got a few inspirations from children's birthday party favors, start planning your giveaways!


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