Anyone who is passionate about growing plants loves having a home garden very diverse. There are many species of fruit, vegetables, vegetables and tubers available, including sweet potatoes. For those who don’t have that much space, they usually want to know how to plant sweet potatoes in pots and more practical places.

So here you will learn more about it and find out how to plant and care for this plant, even if you don’t have a large planting area. So, let’s go to today’s tips for you to start your cultivation.

Characteristics of sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is a nutritious tuber

Photo: Harvest to Table

The sweet potato belongs to the species Ipomea potatoes, being a tuber originating in hot areas of Latin America. In Brazil, it is called by several names like: jatica, jetica, potato-da-ilha or potato-da-terra. In countries like Mexico, its name is camote or camohtli. In Central America, it can be: boniato, papa dulce or patata dulce.

Sweet potatoes are part of the Kids songs and, yes, it spreads a very beautiful branch, with flowers in shades of violet. It can even be used as decoration on kitchen windows.

This potato is part of healthy food and very nutritious. So knowing how to plant sweet potatoes in pots will ensure that you always have a natural food that is free of harmful chemicals.

In addition to the tuber itself, the cooked leaves are very tasty, although consumption is not so common in Brazil.

It is also used for weight loss diets and cholesterol reduction, since it is rich in potassium, phosphorus, fiber and protein. As it has a low glycemic index, it guarantees satiety for longer. Now, see how to do the planting!

How to plant sweet potatoes in pots

Pots with sweet potatoes

To plant sweet potatoes, you need a pot at least 30 centimeters deep and also the tuber. When you are selecting the potato, choose one that is older, because they germinate more easily.


The sweet potato in the water to germinate

Photo: The Spruce

  • With the potato in hand, cut its ends and place in a glass with water;
  • After a week, you will notice the birth of the first shoots and roots;
  • Change this water every two days;
  • Let the potato germinate for two weeks;
  • Take your vase and put a layer of straw on the bottom;
  • Mix 80% soil and 20% sand, in addition to fertilizer;
  • With these three ingredients you can make a few layers in the pot;
  • Leave the soil soft and make a hole to accommodate your sweet potato seedling;
  • Now, water a little and allow 150 to 200 days to harvest the potatoes.
Planting sweet potatoes in the pot

Photo: The Spruce

After learning how to plant sweet potatoes in pots, check out how to keep your plant always beautiful and lush.

Details for planting sweet potatoes

In Brazil, it is possible to plant sweet potatoes throughout the year, as long as the plant does not lack light and water. It needs sun and warmth, without getting too wet.

The ideal type of soil is the lightest, favoring the oxygenation of the species and the progression of its roots. It is also essential to maintain good fertilization for the good growth of the tubers.

The plant does not require so much care, because it is resistant and vigorous. So, when watering, always make the soil more moist, without ever soaking your sweet potato.

For the harvest, choose the warm seasons, as it is not ideal plant in winter and in the coldest temperatures of the year. Planting can take between 3 and 4 months.

Other vegetables can be planted in pots, as is the case with Cherry tomato.

Other ways to plant sweet potatoes

In addition to knowing how to plant sweet potatoes in pots, you can diversify your garden. So, it is possible to use several interesting ways to make your plantation, see what they are.


With a sturdy canvas, cotton or synthetic bag, leave the soil organic and breathable. That done, have 2 to 3 germinated sweet potatoes, cover your roots and water.

Planting sweet potatoes in bags works well, as shown in the video from Horta do Ditian:


This shape is great for cold and dry regions, as the soil will be at a good temperature inside the container. To do this, separate a plastic bucket and drill holes in its side. Now, put the sweet potato and water, without leaving with excess water.


Your plantation can also stand on edges or rows in the garden. As the foliage is very attractive, they will create an incredible effect. Leave about 40 centimeters of space between each plant. This guarantees the growth of all of them.


You can compose the straw with dry leaves, mulch or perforated foliage. So, you only need to cover the soil with 3 to 4 centimeters of platform and do the planting. This technique also fights the potato beetle that harms your plant.


Planting sweet potatoes in the flower bed

Set up a raised bed, using planks sufficient to support the weight of the soil. Then, bury the potatoes 3 cm deep. Also, leave a distance of 12 centimeters between each plant. As the seedlings grow, add more cover soil to complete the bed.

As you saw, planting sweet potatoes in pots is very simple, even if you don’t understand much about agriculture. So, don’t be afraid to start your planting to ensure much healthier food right from your home.

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