Organizing a birthday party can be as fun as the event itself if you have the right tips to think through all the details.

From inspirations of themes and decorations to the details of souvenirs, everything needs to be well thought out to make the day even more special.

How to organize a birthday party?

Here are some valuable tips on how to plan your party in an organized way without forgetting anything:

  1. Set the budget considering the expense of each party item;
  2. Organize your guest list by considering younger children as well;
  3. Define the venue considering the number of guests;
  4. Try to reserve the space as early as possible to ensure availability on the date of the party;
  5. Think of an emergency plan in case of rain and strong winds if the party venue is outdoors;
  6. Bet on a very creative invitation with the date, time and place information of the event;
  7. Send the invitation 1 month in advance so your guests can get organized;
  8. Set the theme of the party;
  9. Decide whether to hire a professional or arrange decoration on your own;
  10. Research party favors that are beautiful and useful to guests;
  11. Choose the menu to be served according to the type of event;
  12. Define drinks to serve before calculating quantities
  13. Cake and sweets should be considered according to the number of guests;
  14. Do not forget to provide plates, glasses and other items to serve;
  15. For children’s parties, don’t forget to think about the fun of the little ones;
  16. Choose a very lively and appropriate playlist for the party;
  17. Seek to hire in advance the professionals who will provide services;
  18. Research about them on social networks;
  19. Confirm all services with suppliers one week in advance;
  20. Begin preparations on party day at least 4 hours in advance of party time.

Make a plan contemplating all the details of your party by analyzing each item to ensure you are taking care of everything!

Simple Birthday Party Decoration

Check out some simple yet charming decorations that can be made easily and economically!

1. Enjoy the home furniture

Malu Decor

2. And capriche in the creative details

Party Tap

3. Pennants make the result more personalized

Atelie Paula Loureiro

4. Mainly using the birthday name

Dual Events

5. Details should match theme colors

My Little Livia

6. And happy and creative elements

Atelie Paula Loureiro

7. Capriche in choosing decorative stationery

Party Tap

8. And selecting tray and backing plates

Madame Giraffe

9. Softer colors make the effect more delicate

Atelie Paula Loureiro

10. While stronger tones emphasize details

Happy Day Creative Holidays

11. Crafted Pans Make All the Difference on the Table

Dual Events

12. Just as decorative characters

Dual Events

13. Think about your choice of theme

House Donna

14. And dare on creativity

Dual Events

15. Simpler tables make details more obvious

Fa Sweet Menezes

16. And are charming with the use of natural flowers

Madame Giraffe

17. Balloons help to further enhance the table

Ideas and Kits

18. And emphasize the colors of the decoration

Happy Day Creative Holidays

19. Can still be used very differently and creatively

Hepei Decor

20. Use the table items that best fit the theme

Telling a Dream

21. And make sure you use the colors in every detail

Pri Freitas Holidays

22. A decorated tablecloth can make all the difference.

Dual Events

23. And very colorful characters make the result happier

Telling a Dream

24. So go for the details

Dual Events

25. And turn simple decorations into amazing ones

Lari Decorates

Go for details like molds and wall decorations and be impressed by the result of a more affordable decoration.

Different birthday party decoration

If you are looking for very different ways to innovate in decoration, be sure to check the selection below!

26. Use creativity to choose your party theme

Color Party

27. Seeking original forms of decoration

Beautiful touch

28. Reproduce familiar themes in an original way

So Fun Parties

29. Like this very colorful proposal of an animated movie

Celebrate Holidays

30. Or think of a way to use elements you prefer

Fête À Porter Holidays

31. Creating a custom decorating theme

Balaio Events

32. Panel can earn creative stationery

Tilli Decor Locations

33. Or a very different lighting for a more rustic effect.

Quizumba Holidays

34. All elements revolve around the chosen theme.

Dual Events

35. Just like the colors of tableware and furniture

Bruna Tilli Parties

36. Personal items can be used for ornamentation.

Balaio Events

37. And the name can be used as a highlight in the panel.

Tea with Alice

38. Themes may vary based on birthday preference

Bella Decor

39. You can even count on a custom character

John and Mary Holidays

40. Versions will take shape according to colors chosen

Bella Decor

41. And with the use of furniture and panels

Bella Decor

42. The light cord gives a delicate and graceful touch

House Donna

43. And colorful balls make the table very happy and fun

Double Events

44. The floor can also gain a creative effect.

Laurita Atelier

45. Making the look even more impressive

Tabita Cintra Holidays

46. ​​Celebrations inspired by famous brands look charming


47. And bring the mark as part of the ornamentation

Beautiful touch

48. Customize the decoration especially for the birthday boy


49. And don’t leave out colored balloons

Fetz Holidays

50. The result will exceed your expectations

Color Party

Did you like the ideas? Think of a very characteristic theme to your personal taste and give wings to the imagination!

Decoration for a children’s birthday party

Children’s parties are charming and the details are usually very cute, so we separated some beautiful and delicate proposals.

51. Choose themes that have good decoration options

Hepei Decor

52. And that please the children

Neuza Parties

53. The more colorful the better the result.

Tabita Cintra Holidays

54. So look for lively and very happy tones.

4T Holidays

55. And use the characters in a very personalized way.

So Fun Parties

56. For a very radical and unique effect

Grandma’s Art

57. Frozen theme is one of the most sought after for children’s parties

PetitArts Decor

58. As well as the charming decoration of unicorns

Rute perez

59. Pastels colors are on the rise

Madame Giraffe

60. And allow for delicate and colorful combinations

La Belle Vie Events

61. Usually used a lot at 1 year parties

Ellen Party Decor

62. For the subtlety it gives to the end result

Laura Montauiti

63. Plants give a very natural effect to the decoration.

Delight of Living Events

64. Bringing Lightness to Visual Outcome

Madame Giraffe

65. Flower arrangements also balance ornamentation

Bruna Tilli Parties

66. Making the effect more realistic

Tabita Cintra Holidays

67. And counting on a delicate touch

Kalli Almeida Holidays

68. Creative panels help highlight ornamentation

Macy Lima Decor

69. And Can Be Customized and Creative

Party Tie

70. Try to use elements that suit the theme.

Delight of Living Events

71. Without Leaving Out the Main Characters

Rainbow Holidays

72. Which can be highlighted throughout the decoration

Del Bosque Decorations

73. In a very personalized and creative way

Touch them

74. Innovate in choosing

Fête Porter

75. And count on original ways to explore the theme

Madame Giraffe

Try to use cheerful colors and delicate details to make the party even more graceful.

Themed Birthday Party Decoration

Theme party is always a very fun way to celebrate, so check out some cheerful and creative theme proposals.

76. The neon party is one of the most hot topics

Tabita Cintra Holidays

77. And that has many variations

Kalli Almeida Holidays

78. Football is famous among fans

Balaio Events

79. Being able to win decoration of heart of the birthday boy

Balaio Events

80. The bar parties are really fun

D Decorates

81. And can win custom versions

Tabita Cintra Holidays

82. For the samba lover

JM Holidays

83. And also for rock lovers


84. Music-themed parties look very different

Bella Decor

85. Just like the series-inspired ones

Dona Lillaa

86. Dare creativity in every detail

Bia Belinha Holidays

87. And look for proposals that have to do with your personality.

Kalli Almeida Holidays

88. Use open tones to brighten the effect

Fête à Porter Holidays

89. Like this tropical party proposal

Tabita Cintra Holidays

90. Vibrant colors transform the decor

Carina Silva Parties

91. Making the proposal lighter

Carina Silva Parties

92. While darker shades are very modern

Party sign

93. Explore the use of balloons well

Rebeca Lira Decor

94. To further enhance ornamentation

Carina SIlva Holidays

95. Flowers add a touch of sophistication

Cintra Tabitha

96. Leaving the most festive result

Art and Cupcake

97. Outdoor Tenders Are Amazing

Sunflower Crafts Parties

98. And get a special touch of natural light

Linda Locations

99. Abuse creativity

Ma’ra Maynart

100. And innovate in how to decorate your party

Lot of fun

Use creative themes that are all about your personal taste to make the event even more personalized.

20 birthday party favors to impress your guests

Check out the following creative and charming party favors to give to your guests.

101. Mini Succulents Are Super High

Little Garden Eco

102. Just like the charming custom jewelry box

Mariana Carlin Atelie

103. Cases are useful and can earn very different prints.

Creation World

104. Just like the comfortable slippers

Forever Gifts

105. Diffusers are a great bet for gifting guests

Viviane Bonaventura

106. And goodies can’t be left out

Andrea Di Serio

107. Like super hot gourmet popcorn

Michelle Muller Gourmet

108. Or the charmingly decorated sighs

Michelle Mouller Gourmet

109. Custom cups are also a great bet.

Celtic Toasts

110. And sealed cans are great for snacks

Catia Cunha Designs

111. How about encouraging your guests to plant?


112. The cinema kit is a favorite of the kids

Cinema Kit

113. Just like the creative coloring kit

TZ Scrap

114. Custom socks are very useful

Gabi Personalized Gifts

115. Personalized tin earphones for the most modern birthdays

Lopes Atelier

116. And the slime fever that cannot be missed

Craft Art

117. Gift bags can be personalized on party theme

Ideas & Kits

118. Just like the creative hygiene kit

Lopes Atelier

119. Look for options that match the event

Ideas & Kits

120. And surprise your guests

Origami Store

Always try to opt for souvenirs that leave a joyful reminder of a special day and that are useful to guests.

4 DIY Birthday Party Decoration Videos To Rock

Check out tutorials that will teach you how to make your party even more unique and personalized with a creative twist.

Creative Tips for Decorative Panels

Using a lot of creativity and simple stationery, you will learn how to design creative panels to make your party even bigger.

Simple and charming decoration

The video brings all the details of organizing a simple party with a very charming richness of detail. Check out each tip and be amazed at the end result.

Creative themed party

If you want a fun and original way to make your party, check out the video and very creative home decor tips. The result is amazing and very personalized.

Unicorn Birthday Party Decoration

Check out how to decorate your unicorn party using delicate and very cute elements. The video teaches creative ways to elaborate the details of ornamentation and how to set the table simply and charmingly.

Now that you know how to set up your party, decide the theme and get to work! You can opt for a costume party, for example. Go for all the details and enjoy this very special day.


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