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Today I bring you the tutorial on how to make a Tulle Skirt to put around the table.

Besides being beautiful, it gives a soft touch to the decoration.

The cool thing is that you do not require any sewing, that is, it is practically a tutu for your table.

table tutu 1

  • Tulle, enough to cover the 3 sides of the table, and if you prefer, the 4 sides. Approximately 9 meters.
  • Elastic, enough that you can pass around the table to be used. I advise you to measure the table before buying.
  • Adhesive glue
  • Decorative ribbons
  • Pins
  • Tablecloth
  • Scissors

table tutu 2


First, cover the table with a towel and wrap the elastic along the top edge of the table and tie it to the back.

table tutu 3

Put pins on some parts of the elastic and tablecloth to keep it safe while you add your tulle.

table tutu 4

To create your skirt you will need to cut the tulle. Each strip should be twice the height of your table. In this case the table is 35 centimeters high, so the cut of each strip represents 70 centimeters in length.

table tutu 5

To attach the tulle to the elastic, fold a strip in half, then place the bow over and behind the elastic.

table tutu 6

Hold the tulle tail and pass through the loop.

table tutu 7

Tighten the tulle, it should look like a tie, with the knot in front. The smaller your knot, the more tulle you will need.

table tutu 8

Continue attaching the tulle until you cover the 3 or 4 sides of the table.

table tutu 9

Attach the trim, applying small drops of glue along the top edges of the skirt

table tutu 10

Hold the trim in place until it dries.

table tutu 11

Run a ribbon or decorative fabric over the knots, in order to cover the imperfections of the knots, as there may be some bigger or smaller than the others.

table tutu 12

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