Hello everyone, everything good?

Well… I have posted some ideas for souvenirs with fabric tulips, and some people asked me how to do it.


Credits: Fleur de Lis

As I never did, I had to look for a very simple and cool step by step for you.

I found this PAP from the blog How to make crafts, which receives the due credits and congratulations!

I’m sure this step by step will help many of you!

This model is a tulip on a pencil, but you can replace the pencil with another decoration you prefer.

For example, you can place a barbecue stick covered with crepe paper!

It is a good option for birthday, christening and newborn souvenirs and etc … So, let’s go step-by-step …

Cut a piece of fabric 6cm long by 14cm wide

Fold it in half inside out, join the ends together and sew them

After sewn inside out turn it over

Without finishing off, fold half a centimeter of the bar and wrinkle it.

Notice in the figure how the bottom looks

After frowning, apply universal glue to the tip of the pencil and glue the bottom of your flower, cap.

After finishing, put feather (filling) inside your flower

To close, note that it starts at the middle of the flower, always turning the fabric to frown a bar

Make a stitch just in the middle of the tulip, then pass the needle through the remaining two ends

And pull the line, it will have this shape. To look more beautiful, sew a bead in the center of the flower

Then make a bow and glue with universal glue to the foot of the tulip

See how beautiful and delicate it looks.

I hope you enjoyed it, because I loved it !! I found it beautiful, delicate and charming…

Credits: How to make crafts

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