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See what another beautiful tutorial I found to share with you!

It is your beautiful topiary that serves as a table centerpiece suggestion.

  • plastic pot, found in a R $ 1.99 store
  • sheets and more sheets of tissue paper in desired colors
  • hot glue
  • 70 mm Styrofoam ball
  • cup of coffee
  • clay
  • scissors
  • catch balloon
As do:

Use a roll of double-sided tape to use as a template for the size of the circles to be cut on the tissue paper;

– Stick the balloon handle on the Styrofoam ball;

– Drop a drop of hot glue in the center of the tissue paper circle;

– Stick on the Styrofoam ball; switch the colors used; take care to stick very close to each other;

– Go pasting, I take an average of 40 minutes in each topiary;

– After covering the Styrofoam ball, open the formed petals to check if there is no space left without paper;

Is ready!

Now, put clay in a coffee cup and fix the flask handle and with hot glue, fix the coffee cup in the plastic vase.

To finish, you can crumple tissue paper and fill the vase, or fill it with candy, jelly beans…

It can also be made with cloth (felt) and used in decoration, look how beautiful!

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