Hello everyone, everything good?

Well… yesterday 13/06, I made a special of souvenirs on the Facebook page, that is, it was the whole day posting only options and inspirations for centerpieces, souvenirs and etc.

It was a success, because everyone loved it!

I hope to be able to do this special 2 or 3 times a month, or even once a week.

I’m still going to consult you to see what you think.

In this special, I posted this beautiful memory below, and some people asked me how to make the paper flower, and I promised to make it available step by step.


73rd birthday of my father-in-law – Big Mustache Theme


73rd birthday of my father-in-law – Big Mustache Theme

So … I’m keeping my promise … follow the step by step below:

Note: As I haven’t done it yet, I can’t tell my experience, so I had to extract images from the internet ok?

3 pieces of tissue paper, 9 “x 4.5”

Stack the three sheets on top of each other. Make folds according to the figure below, creasing after each fold.

Fold the piece of thread in half and secure it over the center of the folded paper. Using sharp scissors, cut the edges of the paper into rounded or pointed shapes. Here the rounded shape for a gift was chosen.

Separate the layers of “paper”, one at a time until the flower begins to take shape.

Now, look at other options.

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Ana Paula Novais


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