We are getting closer and closer to the hottest season of the year, when fruits are even more valued, for their refreshment and flavor.

Thinking about it, our website brought you step by step how to make a beautiful pineapple out of tissue paper.

With this pineapple you can decorate many parties and you can even make them with the kids.

Necessary materials:
  • Tissue paper
  • Floral thread
  • Scissors
Paper pineapple – step by step:


Cut out a sheet, as in the image above, of green tissue paper.

Then, with wide strips of yellow tissue paper, make small pompoms and tie them with floral thread.


Then, join the two yellow tissue paper pompoms and tie them with the floral thread.


Finally, fit the leaf of your pineapple in the pompom, through the floral thread and see what beautiful fruit you will have!

Source: http://www.molliemakes.com/craft-2/make-pineapple-pom-poms/

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