The garland of balloons is known as the basis of classic decoration.

This type of decoration has the great advantage of allowing to create a large volume of decoration in a fast, orderly and controlled way, allowing to know the exact number of balloons that will be used.

With this garland of balloons, you can decorate your child’s party and also decorate any type of party, or environment, and earn extra money.

You can also choose to make a balloon column with 2 colors.

How about taking chances and doing it yourself?


Production: Eduardo Seiti
Photos: Eduardo Seiti
Participation: Fabrício Vieira

Illustrated photos and explanations.

garland balloons 01

Use a nylon (0.80 mm monofilament)

garland of balloons02

Inflate clusters of 4 balloons with 2 colors (in the example, 2 pinks and 2 roses).

garland of balloons03

In the first cluster, make a blind node.

garland of balloons04

Fit the second cluster rotated 45 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise.

wreath of balloons05

Keep the two clusters in the same plane and pass the nylon around at least 2 balloons. The nylon MUST be stretched, and the fingers must push the second cluster to join with the first cluster

garland of balloons06

With 4 clusters

garland of balloons08

In the last cluster give another blind knot so that it is well attached

garland balloons09

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