Hello all well?

I come to bring this new step by step with hand towels.

Great choice of souvenirs for baby shower, diapers, parties with the theme Bear, among other themes of your choice.

The walkthrough is very simple, and I’m sure you will like it!

1 meter of cloth: 4 pieces

Average time: 10 minutes

Credits: Create & Sell

  • Brown terry cloth (22 cm x 30 cm)
  • Cream terrycloth fabric (22 cm x 30 cm)
  • Sewing needle
  • Brown sewing thread
  • Satin ribbons

Try to vary the colors of the cloth fabrics and satin ribbons, creating other combinations of roulade.

Step 1:

Fold the brown terry cloth in half in a wide direction, forming a large rectangle. Wrap one end with two loops.


Step 2:

Fold the cream terrycloth fabric in half in a wide direction. Overlay it on the brown fabric from the curled end in the previous step.


Step 3:

Make sure the two fabrics are aligned. Roll them up by adjusting them with your hands so that they are very firm.


Step 4:

With the brown line, give a point at the end of the roll to secure the set.


Step 5:

Wrap the Swiss roll with a ribbon bow. In the example, a thin beige ribbon and a wider brown ribbon were used. Attach a card with the message.


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