I loved this PAP.

Beautiful option for Baptisms or First Communion

Credits www.sinimbu.com.br and collaborating artisan: Manu Alexandrina.

Necessary materials:
  • Tapes of your choice.
  • Fabrics – 01 Printed and 01 Plain
  • 26 Pearls
  • 01 Cross Pendant and 01 Entremeio (Santinha Pendant)
  • Filling
  • Nylon wire
  • White Thread, Needle and Scissors and Glue


Step by step:

Cut out 02 squares of the printed fabric and 02 of the plain fabric, in the size of 10x10cm.

terco-yo-yo 2

Cut out 06 Circles of printed fabric and 05 Circles of plain fabric, both with 06 cm.


Fold the edges and tack.

terco-yo-yo 4

Baste the entire circle and then pull to frown.

terco-yo-yo 5

After puckering put a pearl to finish the yo – yo.

terco-yo-yo 6

Let’s assemble, arrange the yo – yo as you like, I made a print and a plain one and so on.

terco-yo-yo 7

Pass the nylon thread, a pearl and a yo – yo, a pearl and a yo – yo, until you close the 10 yo – yos.

terco-yo-yo 8

That done, tie each end on each side of the inset, for a better finish pull the thread inside the pearl, tie again and cut the leftover.

terco-yo-yo 9

The tip of the Rosary is made with 01 pearl, 01 yo – yo and 03 pearls.

terco-yo-yo 10

Tie the side that has a pearl in the middle and the tip with 03 pearls you tie on the cross.

terco-yo-yo 11


terco-yo-yo 12

Sew all the way around the squares and leave an opening to untap and fill.

terco-yo-yo 13

Unload and fill with Filling (silicone fiber)

terco-yo-yo 14

Close with an invisible stitch, do so on the two pillows.

terco-yo-yo 15

Place one pillow on top of the other and pass the Sinimbu White Satin Ribbon.

terco-yo-yo 16

Arrange the tercinho on top and secure with the decorated Sinimbu Blue Ribbon.

terco-yo-yo 17

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