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this topiary of ribbons is usually a hit, because in addition to being beautiful, it is easy to make, great option for centerpieces where you can adapt to any theme, in addition to being cheap!

  • Lots of tapes!
  • Paint for the vase (can be spray)
  • Wood rod
  • Large Styrofoam Ball
  • Floral foam
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Colored pebbles or tissue paper (to hide the base)

Step one: Paint the vase and let it dry

Step two: Add a little hot glue to the tip of the wooden rod and place it on the Styrofoam ball, about 1 inch inward.

Step three: Add a little hot glue to the opposite end of the wooden stem and insert it into the floral foam.

Step four: When the glue is dry, introduce the floral foam into the pot. So the topiary will be firm to be decorated.

Step five: Cut the ribbon! Cut 7cm pieces (cut enough to not have to interrupt the decoration)

Step six: Roll the ribbon. Where the ends meet, insert a pin, and push the pin (with the ribbon roll) completely into the Styrofoam ball.

Step seven: Repeat step six until the entire ball is covered.

Step eight: When the ball is completely covered and finished, add pebbles, tissue paper or whatever you prefer to hide the floral foam base. Choose colors that match the ribbons.

And it’s ready!

I found this tutorial on the blog Catch my Party.

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