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I found this tutorial cool, and decided to share it with you !!!!

Great option to decorate your party !!!

The result of this wall of roses or paper rosettes is wonderful and different, and I’m sure your guests will love it!
In addition, when it comes to expenses, it’s even better… because you don’t spend much

See a model of how it looks!

Let’s go to the materials:
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Round tray paper or any other material you want to use.
  • Stapler
  • Hot glue

1. To make a great wheel; fold 3 sheets of fan-style paper,

2. Fold each part of the fan in half.

3. Then join the fan ends together and staple. Do this with the three fans forming a circle.

4. For a small circle, you should fold a sheet of paper into a fan and cut it in half.

5. Fold the halves in half again and staple as we did with the larger fans. You only need 2 fans to make a smaller circle.

6. You can make the large and small circles simple or join them with the paper lining trays or any other material. Join them and paste with hot glue.

7.To fix it on the wall, you can use hot-glue, double-sided tape …

8. Do it with others with different size and pattern papers!

And look how beautiful the result!

See other inspirations:


Source: Personalize Arts + Packaging


Source: Festas By Cris

rosettes-for-decoration-for-parties-decoration-on-paper (1)

Source: Joyce Rosettes


Source: Alibaba


Source: Alibaba


Source: Emotion By Dani Dalledone

Figure 8

Source: Virtual Design

Tutorial From Here
Another examples:

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