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Today I bring a suggestion of decoration and souvenir of Little Flowers made with paper and lollipops.

They can be made with tissue paper or crepe paper.

It’s very easy to make and can be used for both birthday parties and baby showers.

1) Cut several florets in the preferred colors with a paper cutter.

To make it easier, fold the tissue paper sheet to create two layers, then use the floral cutter or template to cut out (the template is further down in this post).

In the model, different shades of pink tissue paper were used to add color and dimension.

2) Place 2 to 4 petals on top of each other and make a hole in the center.

3) Pass the petals through the lollipop stick.

4) Cut the sheets of paper in green tone, and glue around the lollipop stick.

5) Make a small square of foam and skewer the lollipops.

lollipop flower

For those who don’t have a flower-shaped cutter, you can use this mold:

lollipop flower

Source: http://www.blog.birdsparty.com/

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