See how beautiful for a mega party sought in the theme Birdie.

Tutorial of paper cages.

Ideal for decorating parties, baptisms and even baby shower.


  • Colored or printed paper
  • Colored cardboard
  • String or crochet thread (the thickest one)
  • Single or double sided tape
  • Round ice cream jar lid or disposable packaging (transparent or styrofoam for candy)
  • Scissors
  • Eyelets for finishing
  • Hole punch pliers (1.5mm) or something to pierce the cardboard
  • 1 paper or felt bird

paper cages 2


1- Cut the colored cardboard into 4 strips with thickness and height proportional to the base cover.
2- In each strip, make a hole in the center with the hole punch pliers or whatever you have in hand to be able to pass the string.

paper cages 3

3- Pierce the bird in the indicated place.
4- Cut a piece of the string or thread that you chose, go through the hole of the bird and a knot in the tip so as not to escape (try to make it very neat for the finish to be clean).
5- Give a space of about 3 fingers on the wire and another knot (this will serve to hold the bird inside the cage) and pass through the 4 strips.
6- Pull the thread to the knot and finish with an eyelet.

paper cages 4

7- Put a double-sided tape around the chosen cover (you can use white glue or hot glue too).

8, 9 and 10- Open the strips of paper like a star and start pasting around the lid (don’t forget to position the bird inside the cage, lol).

paper cages 5

11- Cut a strip on the colored or printed paper that you chose with enough width and length to cover the lid.

paper cages 6

Ready! Your cage is done! Abuse of creativity and caprice, I bet that too beautiful cages will go around.

Source: The bride’s cafe

Via: Mama Arteira

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