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As some here already know, I already made available on the blog how to make a beautiful Panel with satin ribbons.

It is beautiful for those who want to have a party, and want to cover a wall that is a little ugly, or else with a tone that does not match anything with the theme of the party.

Now, I’m going to show you another suggestion, but this is with strips of Crepe Paper.

The cool thing is that it is much more affordable, and the effect is also very beautiful!

You can use it in a Baby Shower decoration, birthdays in general, bridal shower, bar tea and even at weddings.

In addition to this PAP below, follow the tips of Inspire your Party

These tips are for you who are looking for something simple and easy to do.

My panels, I always use double-sided tape and that “Fixed Strong da 3m” tape

At the top, I tape the 3m tape (fixed firmly) horizontally, according to the size (width) of my panel (it is also double-sided, but more resistant), then I put, or better, pasting the strips of crepe paper in it, one by one.

In case you want the tapes stretched as in the second photo. At the bottom, pass a strip of double-sided tape according to the width of your panel, and glue them underneath to fix and stay stretched.

If you want the loose ribbons as in the first photo, you don’t need to paste anything underneath. That simple!.

See this photo below:


This was done for my father-in-law’s 73rd birthday, in the theme Big Mustache.

This was done with Crepe Paper


My son’s 4th birthday – Michey Feiticeiro


Source: Just Kate Etc

This other photo was sent by a friend from the Facebook page Jaqueline de Lima Ferigato. She said she used the step by step Panel with satin ribbons but adapting to the crepe paper. It was beautiful!


So let’s get down to business:

  • some colors of crepe paper
  • duct tape (good quality ok? not to happen something unforeseen and the panel plummets at the time of the party)
  • scissors
Step by step

Through these photos, it shows that they are very self-explanatory, but follow some tips!


Start by measuring the desired size for your panel, both height and width.


After, mark by pasting the double-sided tape on the wall, as shown in the photo above.


Now glue strip by strip, very close to each other so as not to let the wall appear.



To finish the ends, just follow the example in the photo above and below.


If you want to finish the bottom just follow the example in the photo below.

However, if you prefer to leave the tapes loose, the process ends here!



And ready! Your panel is finished with strips of crepe paper!

Credits: http://lovelyindeed.com

Other models for you to be inspired

Obs. The images were taken from the internet. So, if any of them have Copyright, let me know so I can delete the photo. Now, if the photo is yours and you prefer, I make it a point to credit it.


Image (http://www.acasaqueaminhavoqueria.com)


Source: Mother’s Notebook


Source: Lana Souvenirs


Source: Casa com Amor

IMG_4574 (2)

Source: Lucky Mama


Source: Annies Eats


Source: www.niceparty.es

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