Today I bring you Minnie’s EVA Cake Tutorial.

The tip is from Cantinho da Sônia Moura.

She made this fake cake for her daughter’s birthday, using various tips and step by step found on the internet. Congratulations Sônia… it was a show! Look:

  • Styrofoam cake
  • EVA sheets with theme colors
  • Liquid silicone glue
  • hot glue
  • Styrofoam ball to make Minnie’s head
  • Minnie head lace fabric
  • Grosgrain ribbon to finish the cake

She used a Styrofoam cake in 3 different sizes to make the 3-story cake.

Styrofoam cake

Measure the EVA sheet on the styrofoam cake and cut close to the end of the cake’s height, cut a circle on the same diameter as the cake to make the lid, apply liquid silicone glue and glue on the styrofoam, do not use instant glue, because it melts the Styrofoam.

Minnie Mouse Cake

Cut EVA strips in your preferred color, in this case, she used red and yellow, join the strips and then twist and paste with hot glue to hide the seam and make the finish.


Make the details of the cake according to your preference, she made Minnie’s face with black EVA and the bow with red EVA, cut in circles small the white EVA and made the balls.


Minnie’s head made with Styrofoam ball and capped with EVA, the ear was also made of EVA, made the fabric loop and glued with hot glue.

To cover the Styrofoam ball, do the following: Line a cloth over the EVA sheet and iron the EVA until it softens and loses its shape, then with the hot EVA, place it on top of the Styrofoam ball and force to down to get the shape of the ball, cut the ball in half and the remaining EVA.


Glue the cake bases with hot glue and for the final finish, make chanel loops of red grosgrain.

Minnie-themed cake

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