Oieeee… I’m back with this beautiful ladybug for you to make and decorate your party… either on the cake table, or as a centerpiece to present your guests !!!

  • Styrofoam balls cut in half (the size you want to make the ladybug);
  • Red fabric (the beautiful one would be cotton, but if you want to make it cheaper, you can make it even if I think it looks cool);
  • Black felt;
  • Wire wrapped with black ribbon;
  • Pins.

Gather all materials .

With a pen and using half of the Styrofoam ball, draw a circle on the fabric leaving about 10cm of the edge of the ball (there need not be a perfect circle as it will not appear).

Cover the ball with the fabric and secure it with the pin.

Do this until you have capped the entire half of the ball.

Look how it looks below.

Cut a larger circle of black felt and stick with the hot glue on the side of the ball, then cut a strip of felt and stick in the middle of the ball, as shown.

Cut smaller balls of various sizes and paste across the ladybug.

It will stay like this.

Take the capped wire and make the antennae, stick it in the ball and fold the part until it is as shown.

They will look like this.

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Ana Paula Novais


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