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Today I bring you step by step how to make a Jujube Tree.

I can say that it is super easy!

I say from experience: It is a beautiful souvenir suggestion for centerpiece.

I did it for my son’s 2nd birthday party and everyone loved it.

The theme was Cocoricó. See how it turned out!

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So do we go for the necessary materials?
  • Barbecue stick
  • Brown crepe paper
  • Cachepo
  • Cupcakes for green sweets
  • Styrofoam ball of the size you desire.
  • White glue
  • Toothpick
  • Clay
  • Bullets
  • Jelly beans
  • Green candy packaging
  • Transparent sachets
  • Ribbon to make the bow, the color and width you want.
  • Magazine sheets if needed

* Brown or green tissue paper, also if necessary (I put a note down there)

The image below is very self explanatory, but I’ll give you some tips.

* Because the tree is very heavy and to help reinforce and also help to balance the weight, I added 3 barbecue sticks, put white glue and wrapped them with brown crepe paper to give a more beautiful finish on the tree trunk.

* Then I punched the ball with the sticks to fix the trunk.

* Now… there are people who prefer to cut the toothpick in half, stick it in the jelly beans and then hold the mold in the Styrofoam ball and put the jelly beans.

I preferred to glue all the molds first, not too close together so they wouldn’t get squeezed.

* After all the molds glued to the Styrofoam ball, I took the cachepó and put clay on the bottom, and immediately fit the tree through the trunk to dry everything together.

* After drying, I started fitting the jelly beans, that is, I cut the toothpick in half, stuck it in the jelly beans and then in the molds glued to the Styrofoam ball.

* Finally, the last finishing: I packed the candy in the green candy paper and put it in the cachepó to finish the grass.

Obs. In my case, even after I put the clay, I felt the tree loose, wanting to fall.

So I had the idea, in order to strengthen and balance the tree, to place magazine sheets at the bottom, above the clay.

But to keep the magazine sheets from showing, I covered them with brown tissue paper, and then put the candies wrapped in the green candy wrapper.

* Then I covered the tree with a plastic bag and closed it with a pumpkin bow, according to the theme.

* There are people who prefer to do without the molds, but remembering, in this case, always put them close together so that the blank spaces of the Styrofoam ball do not appear.

And then, your jujube tree was ready! Good luck.

Below are some more pictures of my son’s birthday.

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Photo credits above Nalan Ünal

Access the website and pay a visit by clicking here

I do not know the source of the photo above, who knows how to inform thank you.


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