Beautiful this idea of ​​jujube flower.

Excellent decoration tip and the effect is spectacular!



  • Colored jelly beans 1 large bag yields approximately 32 flowers counting the losses – those logs, stuck together, that come in pieces
  • Cellophane sheets 12 x 12 cm, I tried to do with the 10 x 10 with, but I couldn’t.
  • Lollipop sticks, barbecue, brochet…
  • Durex and tape to finish

Separate jelly beans by color

Stick the toothpick (which can be a lollipop or large or medium skewer) in the center of the jujube that will serve as a crumb).


Place the 6 jelly beans that will be the petals around the center.

Wrap in cellophane. I used the size 12 x 12 cm. Secure with durex.

jelly beans 3

There is a beautiful colorful garden!

jelly beans 5

To give it an extra bossa, I put a green satin ribbon to make the leaf turn.

jelly beans 6

Finally the arrangement is ready.

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