Hello people…. all well???

I brought news !!!!

In one of those thousands of searches that I do on the internet, I discovered a very unusual decoration, Garland of balloons!

That is, for you who do not know what to do with that bunch of empty balloons that are left over from the parties, it is already a good suggestion!

But also, you can make for a party, decor for Christmas and there you go … I trust your creativity.

Good…. let’s go to step by step?

Necessary materials
  • 1 wooden or 16-inch polystyrene crown (or other support material you prefer)
  • Pins
  • balloons of various colors, or as you prefer (preferably number 9)
Garland Walkthrough

1 – Take one of the balloons and make a twist or fold near the end of your neck and so go through a pin as shown in the photo below.

2 – Stick the pin directly on the edge of the Styrofoam. And so it goes on poking one by one. Filling all the spaces.

3 – Fill all the visible spaces of the Styrofoam crown. Always alternating colors to make it very colorful. (If you use a lot of colors).

4 – When speared all the balloons. You will have a colorful garland of balloons. You can complement it with other decorations like teddy bears, biscuit or even flowers. You can decorate the birthday girl’s door, salon or even adapt for the arrival of a baby.

Source: http://aprendi.net/guirlanda-de-baloes/ and www.hospitalhacos.blogspot.com.br

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