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Another nice find.

It’s a beautiful work from the blog Sonhos de Mel.

This PAP was made by Dio Miranda from the blog Sonhos de Mel in partnership with her friend and artisan, Elisabete Faria (Estrela da Manhã).


Prepare the pieces, in the desired colors, cut the number of times indicated.

The flowers were made of felt, but Bete replaced them with crochet flowers.

Half-ball buttons are used in the center of the flowers, cutting the feet.

Don’t forget to add a heart, ribbon (or string) to hang it in the box and a strip of fabric (or satin ribbon) for the bow.

moldecasapassarinho01 (3)

Everything cut, now it’s time to match and fill with acrylic blanket (feather or fiber).

little birdhouse 3
little birdhouse 4
little birdhouse 5
little birdhouse 6
little birdhouse 7
little birdhouse 8
little birdhouse 9
little birdhouse 10
little birdhouse 11
little birdhouse 12
little birdhouse 13
little birdhouse 14
little birdhouse 15
little birdhouse 16
little birdhouse 17

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