Hello guys, some asked me to explore the Ballerina theme a little bit, and I remember when I put an idea as a souvenir, the ballerina’s shoes, some asked me step by step.

Well .. I found the step by step for you on the blog of Mãos de Fada and Don’na du lar…

Now I share with you and I’m sure you will love it !!!

Ah… it’s super easy to do besides being beautiful.


Ballet-themed keychain step-by-step:

how to make ballerina keychain

  • skin-colored felt;
  • pink felt;
  • filling;
  • key ring;
  • pink satin ribbon;
  • pink lace;
  • large pink pearl;
  • pink backstitch line.


Cut the mold of the feet 2x in the felt leather and the mold of the shoes 2x in the pink felt.

Cut 2 pieces of pink satin ribbon and burn the ends to avoid fraying.

Place the sneaker on the foot, as shown in the photo, and secure with a pin.

Sew the inside of the shoe with straight stitches using the pink thread for topstitching.

In the middle, place one end of the satin ribbon under the foot.

Pin it.

Continue sewing with a stitch on where the ribbon is, to secure it.

Sewing ready.

Do the same on the other foot.

Place one foot on the other, as shown in the photo, and a pin.

Start sewing on one side with straight stitches.

Make matching stitches on the sneaker.

Finish the seam and leave the top open.

Fill the foot through the opening left.

It will look like this.

Cut a piece of pink satin ribbon.

Pass the ribbon through the ring and loop.

It will look like this.

Place the tips together inside the opening of the foot and pin.

Finish the seam, thus securing the ribbon.

Now cross the ends of the tapes on both sides, crossing them in front of the foot.

Cross back, cross them and go forward.

Give a bow.

Make a bow at the top with pink lace.

Decorate the keychain with the big pink pearl hanging from a small piece of pink ribbon.

We’re done

Super cute, don’t you think ?!

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Ana Paula Novais


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