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Today I bring you this Popcorn Cake tutorial.

The fake popcorn cake is an attractive addition to your decor.

It is being used a lot in the Decoration of Festa Junina, as well as in a Party Decoration in the theme Farm.

in case you don’t want to use the meringue or icing… just paste the popcorn straight into the Styrofoam with HOT GLUE… just like the tutorial Popcorn Topiary.
Pop the popcorn WITHOUT OIL.
Use only HOT GLUE.

I found it on the website: www.confrariadoschefs.com

Confraria - Arraia Dazamigas

You will need:

* 3 isopores of approx. 10 cm in height and different diameters (I used 15 cm, 20 cm and 35 cm)

* Plastic Film

* Wooden toothpick

* Cake plate

* Colored ribbons

* Cold silicone glue (or hot)

Swiss Meringue

* 1 glass of egg whites

* 3 cups of Sugar

* 250 gr of popcorn popped, without salt and without fat


1. Place the egg whites with the sugar in a saucepan and bring to a low heat, always stirring, until the sugar completely dissolves. Take the mixer for about 15 minutes, and then your icing will be ready (Swiss Meringue).

Confraria - Popcorn Cake1 (1)

2. Wrap each Styrofoam in the plastic film, without leaving excess. This will preserve your Styrofoam if you want to use it in the future. Place the wooden toothpick right in the center of the larger Styrofoam. Then pass the middle Styrofoam through the toothpick, in the center too. And finally, place the smaller Styrofoam, centered on the tip of the toothpick. Make sure it is well centered before you start.

Confraria - Cake of Popcorn2

3. Place a spoonful of icing in the middle of the cake plate and place your Styrofoam cake on top, this will help to stick your Styrofoam well. Spread the icing around the Styrofoam with a spatula, making a layer of approximately 1 cm of coverage. Now just stick the popcorn, each grain very close to the other to close tightly and the icing will not appear.

Confraria - Cake of Popcorn3

4. Decorate your cake with colorful ribbons. I used 3 shades of wide satin ribbon and made the ties by gluing the ends with cold silicone glue. I put a hat on and ready! My cake was beautiful to decorate the party table!

Confraria - Popcorn Cake1 (2)

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