Hi all,

I’m already thinking about my puppy’s birthday.

So … as for the cake, I want to make it myself … logical fake, because I don’t have the magic hands to make those beautiful and delicious cakes … I leave it to the professionals in the business that break up.

So … looking for step by step fake cake, I found this one on the blog CMK Arte in EVA.

I loved the step by step and it’s very well explained … I think I’ll take my chances !!!

This fake cake is made of fabric and Styrofoam. Hope you like it!


– base for fake cake in styrofoam of different sizes. I used it round, but you can do it in the square too.- fabric in the desired colors (I prefer cotton fabric) .- pins-sticks for small barbecue- scissors. Step by step:

Make pleats by pinning.

This is the part where the cake top will be placed, so I made it more closed.

To know the minimum point that the fabric should be, place the smallest Styrofoam over the largest and mark with a pen.

To fit the parts I used a barbecue stick.

You can use as many floors as you like.

The cool thing is that since you don’t use glue, you can use the base to make as many themes as you want, just remove the fabric and put another one.

In this the flags are made of EVA that I also fixed with pins.

Did you like it?

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Kisses and see you next time

Ana Paula Novais


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