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well… i’m bringing another cake option in EVA. This I found on the blog Flor de Frufru.

I was particularly in love … it’s very beautiful. And you guys, what do you think?

See the list of materials and step by step below.

  1. Cardboard
  2. hot glue
  3. Durex tape
  4. white tenacious glue
  5. EVA of the colors you prefer
  6. scissors

First of all, cut out the bases of the sizes you want… use the cake-shaped funds… 3 sizes… and a long piece of cardboard, to make around…

On the side, stick with tapes and then apply tenacious glue … to firm, then remove

durex tapes …

The three floors look like this:

Start to cover with EVA, cut a strip a little upwards so you can fold and glue it … it will stick until it looks like this!

For the top part, do as shown in the photo below using coins, the size you or another circle that you think is best …

The result, after the cut will be like a frill.

Look at the three covered floors!

Now, if you prefer to make another model, here is your imagination.

The cake below this one is different in color.

The result was like this … brown and pink !!!

For the loops cut a rectangle and find the two ends in the middle and paste.

Cut out a thin strip and wrap it in the middle, pull and leave it very tight, glue on the back … it is a beautiful bow.

For the balls make with a mold of coins… and for the ruffles of the bows, go loosening a strip and glue just a few points of the strip… they will become ruffles… it’s easy… you will be able to make your children’s parties more neat… I hope to help !! !

Other models

This model was sent by our friend from Facebook page Dani Dani. She made it for her little ones’ birthday. Instead of Styrofoam, made with cardboard as a base. Very economical!


Source: Artes da Mery


Source: Anju Cenographic Cakes


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