What a beautiful thing this souvenir from Chaves made with EVA and can.

Credits: www.revistaartesanato.com.br

  • Clean can of tomato extract (can be of any canned);
  • EVE;
  • Printed fabric;
  • Glue for eva (found in the best haberdashery or craft stores);
  • Red and black pen;
  • Scissors and crayons.

1) Make the face and hands mold in eva by marking it with crayons. Then do the same with the other molds (on the hat make the fabric part of the mold)

eva and can 2 keys souvenir

2) After all the molds have been cut, paste them. Center your eyes and paint with the black pen. Do the same with your mouth, nose, eyebrows and sardines as shown in the figure below:

eva and can 3 keys souvenir

3) Glue the hair and finish with the hat brim

eva and can 4 keys souvenir

4) With the help of crayons, lightly scratch the mold that will be the body of the Chaves

eva and can keychain 5

5) With the red pen make the suspenders used by Chaves

eva and can keychain 6

6) Cut out an eva strip the same size as the can and wrap it around it

eva and can keychain 7

7) Cut out another strip and glue it so that the top is out of the can

eva and can keys 8

8) Pass the glue internally and fold the eva strip to finish the finish

eva and can keys 9

9) Glue all the parts forming the character and glue it inside the can. Also glue your hands so that they are on the outside

eva and can keys 10

Is ready! You can use it to decorate children’s parties or make for the little ones!

Click on the template to enlarge

eva and can keys 11

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